2013 / 01 / 30 ( Wed )

1/10 Dior Beauty Dinner 動画
1/11 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards / Santa Monica, CA 動画
1/13 2013 TCA Winter Press Tour - CW/CBS Panel - Day 1 /Pasadena, CA 
1/16 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
1/17 SiriusXM Studio in New York
1/17 Manhattan Magazine Cover Party in New York
1/20 Beautiful Creatures' Moscow Premiere
1/23 Tonight Show with Jay Leno
1/30 Chelsea Lately

アルバム『Sentimental Journey』紹介記事




Emmy Rossum on Her New Album "Sentimental Journey" and the Influence of Bygone Eras

Have You No Shame, Emmy Rossum?
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Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』シーズン3。1月のまとめ
2013 / 01 / 30 ( Wed )

01 01/13 El Gran Canon 2.00(フィオナはジミーと暮らし始める。メキシコにいたフランクはなんとか戻ってくる)
02 01/20 The American Dream 1.37(フィオナはクラブ内での昇格を目指す。ミッキーが出所、ケヴィンの奥さん登場 *)
03 01/27 May I Trim Your Hedges ? 1.99(デビーの・ファーストキス、ケヴィンの離婚問題)


テーマ:★海外ドラマ★ - ジャンル:テレビ・ラジオ

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Emmy Rossum、Spotify追加、今度は『Songs of Winter』
2013 / 01 / 26 ( Sat )
Songs of Winter
01 Stay Or Leave 04:00 ...kissing whiskey by the fire..." pretty much says it all. Dave Matthews - Stay or Leave
02 January Wedding 03:48 A lovely, sweet song. The Avett Brothers - January Wedding
03 Cold Water 04:59 This gives me chills whenever I hear it. Damien Rice - Cold Water
04 Svefn-g-englar (Live) 10:13 Because Iceland is cold and I've always wanted to go see the northern lights. Sigur Ros / Svefn-G-Englar
05 Girl Of The North Country - Live 04:28 A classic. Girl from the North Country - Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash (song from Silver Linings Playbook 2012)
06 Hallelujah 06:54 His voice gives me chills. Maybe my favorite song. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
07 White Winter Hymnal 02:27 Only discovered this recently and fell in love. Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal
08 Ain't No Love 03:22 David Gray is a master of creating pictures. "Tomorrow girl I'll buy you chips, a lollipop to stain your lips and it'll be all right as rain." David Gray - Ain't No Love
09 Lua 04:29 Loved this song for years. Bright eyes Lua
10 Wildfire 04:48 Heard this on a road trip a few years ago and I really love this lyric. MICHAEL MURPHEY- "WILDFIRE"

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Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』シーズン2。1月のまとめ
2013 / 01 / 20 ( Sun )

第9話「今度はママが帰ってきた!?」 Hurricane Monica
第10話「ママ絶好調!?」 A Great Cause
監督:ミミ・レダー(『ER 緊急救命室』)、脚本:エイタン・フランケル(『Friday Night Lights』)
第11話「こんにちは、赤ちゃん!」 Just Like the Pilgrims Intended
第12話「それでもフィオナは生きていく!」 Fiona Interrupted

大半は前回の後始末、フランクの突飛な行動 。フィオナはやればできる子。ジミーの家族との食事。ゲストにジェナ・エルフマン。オリジナルタイトルはジミーとやろうとするたびに邪魔が入るから?カレンoutでマンディinのもよう
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Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』シーズン3が順調にスタート+ツイート実況
2013 / 01 / 16 ( Wed )


Thank you to all who watched #Shameless tonight and followed along with our live tweeting. Much love and gratitude. #shameless
posted at 12:03:38

It's really quite clean, just mussy :) RT @BagSnob @emmyrossum I have strong urges to not only comb your hair in #shameless, but to wash it
posted at 12:01:57

SO?! What did you think about the season 3 opener of #shameless?
posted at 12:00:50

Fiona is making some out-of-character decisions. Very Frank-Gallagher-esque. It's fun to play an ever-evolving character. #shameless
posted at 11:56:23

Jeremy Allen White is an amazing actor/guy. We call him JAWs RT @Ezmac_ @emmyrossum Lip comes through, again! Do you enjoy working with him?
posted at 11:55:10

We hide small canon 5ds in there #shameless RT @SharLaz @emmyrossum @Justingchatwin I like how they film you from the fridge's point of view
posted at 11:50:37

RT @SixEleven2012: Every girl needs a BFF like V. @shanolahampton @emmyrossum #shameless
posted at 11:48:43

@Justingchatwin and the boys filmed this on location in the middle of lake Michigan. Intense scenes for Steve/Jimmy #shameless
posted at 11:46:01

Kev & V are at an all new level. @reelstevehowey and @shanolahampton improv'd dialogue on this scene. HYSTERICAL. SO WRONG #shameless
posted at 11:41:52

RT @DawnGarrison: Back to #Shameless with @emmyrossum I'm scared for you girl! Let's see if Steve can get out of this one!
posted at 11:40:03

Chose to keep Fi's winter boots from s1 & wear them w summer looks in s3. More realistic than our girl in new kicks all the time #shameless
posted at 11:38:43

RT @BagSnob: Have switched over to #Shameless from #GoldenGlobes to watch my girl @emmyrossum in action.
posted at 11:36:54

That fall was NOT intentional. This was outside in Chicago. We were just hoping none of the neighbors were watching. @Justingchatwin
posted at 11:35:06

In real life, I'm an only child. I love playing scenes with my #shameless siblings. I always wished I had an older brother.
posted at 11:33:08

Frank trying to cross the border has me laughing out loud. "I'm wearing the wrong shoes. Anybody have a bandaid?" #shameless
posted at 11:30:09

"Fiona. Burrito? I warmed it on the septic truck engine." No, thanks. Really. #shameless
posted at 11:26:43

RT @jessikaaaa_joyy: 10 minites into @SHO_Shameless season 3 and I'm already wanting a 4th! @emmyrossum @Justingchatwin @reelstevehowey @shanolahampton
posted at 11:24:46

Seems like Jimmy/Steve has gotten himself in some serious trouble this time. @Justingchatwin #shameless
posted at 11:23:50

RT @shanolahampton: @emmyrossum sent me a picture from the set the day she was shooting this and I almost died!!! I wouldn't & couldn't have done it! #Shameless
posted at 11:22:15

Wore those waders for hours & the sludge was oozing in the seams. Even though you know it's not the real thing, still icky #shameless
posted at 11:22:12

RT @frankmahoney07: @emmyrossum do you think Fiona should be featured on Dirty Jobs?
posted at 11:20:35

The most disgusting job Fiona Gallagher has ever had. I was not too pleased to wade into this swamp of Betty Crocker brownie mix #shameless
posted at 11:19:47

Little Liam is growing up. I love working with him, or I should say them, there are two babies and they are crazy cute #shameless
posted at 11:16:58

Joan Cusack is a gift to comedy and she's one of my favorite people on this Earth. "Stop making that fakey sleep noise" #shameless
posted at 11:11:19

Follow along with @reelstevehowey. He is live tweeting as I type. #shameless
posted at 11:08:43

I had three pairs of underwear on during this kitchen scene. My mom says you can never be too careful. #CherylRossum #shameless
posted at 11:07:40

RT @SHO_Network: .@emmyrossum is live tweeting #shameless now! LOOK: http://t.co/4BK6pi0g
posted at 11:06:39

Frank in Mexico was originally an ending tag to the final episode of season 2. Instead they decided to use it as a s3 opener #shameless
posted at 11:06:28

Those bites were painted on my legs one by one by our genius make-up dept. Took longer than my face makeup. #shameless
posted at 11:05:04

@shanolahampton is live tweeting too so follow along #shameless
posted at 11:04:20

I never get tired of seeing @Justingchatwin's bottom #shameless
posted at 11:03:22

Here we gooooo... living tweeting starts now peeps. @SHO_Shameless season 3. tweet me questions as we go and I will try to pepper in answers
posted at 11:01:50
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Emmy Rossum、"Summer Wind"試聴と『Beautiful Creatures』サウンドトラック・リスト
2013 / 01 / 15 ( Tue )
エミー・ロッサム『Sentimental Journey』から今度は「Summer Wind」、下敷きはフランク・シナトラかな?

『Beautiful Creatures』サントラ曲目表
1. Interception
2. The Caster Theme
3. Breaking The Ice
4. Macon’s Magic Wand
5. Dark Magic
6. Lena’s Magic/The Love Theme
7. Swamptronica/Voudon
8. Make It Home (Ridley’s Siren Remix) -- Remix of previously released track by thenewno2
9. Sarafine At Church
10. Holidays At Ravenwood
11. Family Dinner
12. Ridley’s Claiming
13. The Spell That Left A Curse
14. Ridley Goes To The Pictures
15. Other Ways Someone Can Die To Us
16. Sarafine At The Door/Love Breaks The Spell
17. The Caster Library
18. Searching For The Curse
19. The Burning Sign
20. The Curse Reveals Itself (Tragic Love Theme)
21. Sacrifice
22. Ridley’s Swamptronica
23. The Honey Hill Stomp
24. Lena Runs To Ethan
25. Lena’s Love Rage/Macon’s Addagio
26. Mother and Daughter
27. Run To Me -- Never before released track by thenewno2
28. Never Too Late -- Never before released track by thenewno2
Beautiful Creatures: Original Motion Picture Sound
担当はthenewno2、8. Make It Home (Ridley’s Siren Remix) これにエミーの声が入っているかもしれません

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Emmy Rossum、インタビュー 。“These Foolish Things,”の映像つき
2013 / 01 / 11 ( Fri )

Glamour: What did you do for the holidays?

Emmy: I was finishing the third season of Shameless, and then I did a film called You’re Not You with Hilary Swank. She plays a woman with ALS, and I play an aimless college student she hires to be her caretaker. It’s for Cannes and later this year.

『You’re Not You』は年末公開

Emmy: I did sing a right a song for You’re Not You. And my character in Beautiful Creatures is very musical, but she doesn’t sing.

『Beautiful Creatures』の役はセイレーンみたいなものと聞いていたのですが、あーあーという声くらいしか聞けないのもかも。一方『You’re Not You』には曲あり?

These Foolish Things,”の映像
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