Emmy Rossum出演映画『Curfew(仮)』が『Before I Disappear』としてサウス・バイ・サウスウエストでお目見え
2014 / 01 / 31 ( Fri )
エミー・ロッサムがヒロイン少女の母親役で出演したアカデミー賞短編部門受賞作『Curfew』の長編化映画が『Before I Disappear』のタイトルでサウス・バイ・サウスウエストでプレミア上映決定。


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Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』シーズン4、2014年1月のまとめ
2014 / 01 / 30 ( Thu )

01 0112* 1.694 "Simple Pleasures" John Wells John Wells
02 0119 1.602 "My Oldest Daughter" Mimi Leder Nancy M. Pimental
03 0126 1.830 "Like Father, Like Daughter" Sanaa Hamri Sheila Callaghan

テーマ:★海外ドラマ★ - ジャンル:テレビ・ラジオ

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Emmy Rossum『Shameless』シーズン4第3話ツイート実況
2014 / 01 / 28 ( Tue )
エミー・ロッサム『シェイムレス』シーズン4第3話「Like Father, Like Daughter」ツイート実況

Chris J. Harried@cmjharried
That scary moment when you realize that your more like your parents than you thought #Shameless
Retweeted by Emmy Rossum
retweeted at 11:58:04

Emma Kenney@EmmaRoseKenney
East coast!! Thoughts on tonight's new #Shameless?
Retweeted by Emmy Rossum
retweeted at 11:56:02

Fiona Gallagher ladies & gentleman. #Shameless
Retweeted by Emmy Rossum
retweeted at 11:55:36

I love that Fiona is terrified of this normal, upper middle-class white family. Honey, I get it #Shameless
Retweeted by Emmy Rossum
retweeted at 11:54:54

I just told my mom "that was OJ and minestrone soup"... She said "menstrual soup?" #shameless
posted at 11:49:01

That was a mixture of orange juice and minestrone soup. #eew @JakeMcDorman #shameless
posted at 11:47:54

This dude pulled out his guitar at the table read and we all nearly FELL ON THE FLOOR. #Shameless
posted at 11:46:55

Does this make you cray? -Debbie #shameless @EmmaRoseKenney
posted at 11:45:34

Macy lost something like 20lbs over the course of this season to play ailing Frank. #shameless
posted at 11:40:44

Most awkward family dinner ever. #shameless
posted at 11:25:19

Now my bf is trying to explain to me what "youporn" is. #shameless
posted at 11:21:19

Until about 20 seconds ago I thought "MAC OS" was pronounced "MAC AH-SS".... #shameless
posted at 11:17:34

Lip is talking about chromebooks and my techie bf is trying to explain the internet to me. Me: Just a browser? OS? What?? #shameless
posted at 11:14:51

Look at that hail in Chicago. That is where we are headed back to in 2 weeks to finish up the season. #polarvortex #minus40 #shameless
posted at 11:07:25

Is that yogurt? Ice cream? Butter? What is Debbie eating in that bucket? #shameless @EmmaRoseKenney
posted at 11:06:37

This song is supposedly one direction... IS it one direction? I don't know any one direction. Sorry @Harry_Styles @EmmaRoseKenney #shameless
posted at 11:04:33 

Emma Kenney @EmmaRoseKenney
@emmyrossum @Harry_Styles it's not!!! I was hoping they would, super bummed they didn't play one! #shameless
posted at

テーマ:★海外ドラマ★ - ジャンル:テレビ・ラジオ

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2014 / 01 / 28 ( Tue )
とても長いインタビュー http://www.complex.com/covers/emmy-rossum-interview-labor-of-love-2014-cover-story/

An Interview with Emmy Rossum of “Shameless” http://www.cablefax.com/cfp/just_in/An-Interview-with-Emmy-Rossum-of-Shameless_61610.html
"Shameless" Star Emmy Rossum Shares Her Skincare Secrets http://www.hamptons.com/Lifestyle/Counter-Intelligence/19194/Shameless-Star-Emmy-Rossum-Shares-Her-Skincare.html
Emmy Rossum Reveals Her 2014 Skin Saver http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/01/02/emmy-rossum-skincare-secret-restorsea-skincare-shameless/
Shameless: How Messed Up Is Each Gallagher? http://www.buzzsugar.com/Shameless-Season-4-Spoilers-33409015
Shameless' Emmy Rossum on Fiona's New 'Normal Existence' ? and How She Blows It Up http://tvline.com/2014/01/10/shameless-season-4-spoilers-fiona-mike-affair/
It’s a much darker, harder season Debbie has a boyfriend (and he’s older), and Lip is in college… http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/01/10/emmy-rossum-shameless-season-4/
Emmy Rossum on Jimmy's Death on 'Shameless' ? and Her Onscreen Nudity Rules http://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/tv-news/emmy-rossum-on-jimmy-s-death-on-shameless-and-her-onscreen-nudity-rules-195616920.html

Emmy Rossum on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1はホリデーシーズンについて http://youtu.be/s_0qTZnI2Xc
Emmy Rossum on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2 http://youtu.be/LqKjvQTGjOY
Emmy Rossum's Sexy/Awkward Photoshoot http://teamcoco.com/video/emmy-rossum-sexy-awkward-photos
Emmy Rossum Got Distracted By A Sexy Hot Dog Truck http://teamcoco.com/video/emmy-rossum-sexy-hotdog-truck
The Talk - Emmy Rossum talks 'Shameless' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scJM2bUENXE
ChelseaLately http://www.eonline.com/videos/216822/emmy-rossum-goes-to-wieners-circle

Harpers Bazaarによるツイッター・インタビュー http://emfanjp.blog18.fc2.com/blog-entry-978.html
エミー・ロッサムFacebookでのQ&A http://emfanjp.blog18.fc2.com/blog-entry-976.html

1/8 Private Antonio Berardi Dinner / Beverly Hills, California United States 動画
1/15 Tory Burch Rodeo Drive Flagship Opening / Tory Burch - Beverly Hills, CA 動画
1/23 ELLE's Women In Television Celebration - Sunset Tower - West Hollywood, California
1/25 Bergdorf Goodman Meet-And-Greet With Restorsea Founder Patti Pao And Brand Ambassador Emmy Rossum London Sky Suite at The London - New York
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Emmy Rossum『Shameless』シーズン4第2話ツイート実況
2014 / 01 / 20 ( Mon )
0119 My Oldest Daughter

@HeroShinwoo @King__Lou true that
posted at 11:52:24
----The Highlander, Hero @HeroShinwoo
@King__Lou @emmyrossum it won't be the same without jimmy
----King Lou @King__Lou
@emmyrossum I liked jimmy better.

@iAmErnScott My thoughts exACTly when I read the script.
posted at 11:51:44
---Ern Scott @iAmErnScott
Who the FUCK is Samantha?! #Shameless @emmyrossum

@S1965Jerry @SHO_Shameless #truth
posted at 11:51:22
---Jerry @S1965Jerry
@emmyrossum @SHO_Shameless He can not hang with #Fiona!

@jermlikespie Glad you get it! :)
posted at 11:51:14
---Jeremy Baratheon @jermlikespie
Fiona is so out of her element being in a healthy relationship. This is some good work by @emmyrossum. #Shameless

@msmodel143 #preach
posted at 11:51:05
---Ms Model @msmodel143
@emmyrossum He's too clingy ... Needs some instruction in the bedroom too ! ??

Adriana Kisic@AdrianaKisic
@emmyrossum Carl: now you can donate your liver... Fiona: are you high? Frank: I am, he's not...
Retweeted by Emmy Rossum
retweeted at 11:50:43

Wait... there's ANOTHER Gallagher we don't know about? #shameless #WhoIsSamantha??? #SamanthaGallagher
posted at 11:49:07

Fiona and Mike's first fight. The first fight as a couple is always the worst feeling, right? Except for the LAST fight. #shameless
posted at 11:48:06

MIKE: Why would you lie? FIONA: I'm a Gallagher. It's what we do. #shameless
posted at 11:46:35

What do you think about Fiona's boss Mike? #shameless
posted at 11:45:26

Theresa Goodaker@tgoodaker
I'll bet chickens don't like chicken. @emmyrossum
Retweeted by Emmy Rossum
retweeted at 11:43:12

@EmmaRoseKenney remember? such a weirdo that dude texting that phone!!!
posted at 11:39:11
-----Emma Kenney @EmmaRoseKenney
@emmyrossum hahah and we were literally texting during takes! #behindthescenes

@alisonhaislip @SHO_Shameless xoxo
posted at 11:31:32
-----alisonhaislip @alisonhaislip
And yes...it was awesome working w/ @emmyrossum & the kids on @SHO_Shameless. I think my parents are proud that I finally became a doctor.

I was so scared I was going to run over this stunt guy after he rolls off the windshield. #shameless
posted at 11:31:23

"His liver is rotting. He smells like a monkey cage." -Carl #shameless
posted at 11:30:40

Our director Mark Mylod directed me to "sing worse" in this scene. #shameless
posted at 11:29:20

Love this song. Charli XCX - SuperLove Check out the weird video here. #shameless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPWcX-6A9Y…
posted at 11:28:42

That churro line is improv. Love me some arena snacks. #shameless
posted at 11:23:53

That car Fiona was driving was filthy. No joke, we found a used band aid and some sort of brown smear on the fabric seats. #eew #shameless
posted at 11:22:17

You shoulda seen me at the table read tying to explain to Bill Macy was sizzurp is. Macy: What? Me: Purple drank. Macy: What? #shameless
posted at 11:18:03

Carl is the only one who still cares about Frank. It's kinda sweet.... Kinda. #shameless
posted at 11:16:38

Fiona's boss Mike. Stage 5 clinger. #Shameless
posted at 11:11:55

College = scary. Even if you were smart in your HS, suddenly you're surrounded by everyone who was the smartest in their HSs too. #Shameless
posted at 11:08:26

For Debbie's texting scene, props gave @EmmaRoseKenney a random crew member's phone & some guy started texting it during filming! #Shameless
posted at 11:05:00

So the #49ersvsSeahawks game is on & you can’t watch #Shameless?? Bummer. I guarantee we deliver more action & fewer ads. cc @SHO_Shameless
posted at 10:59:06

テーマ:★海外ドラマ★ - ジャンル:テレビ・ラジオ

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Emmy Rossum『Shameless』シーズン4第1話ツイート実況
2014 / 01 / 13 ( Mon )
0112 Simple Pleasures 

Soooo... what did you all think? And what did you think of the preview for this up coming season? #shameless
posted at 11:59:04

Little Liam watching Frank drink makes me sad. #fatheroftheyear #not #shameless
posted at 11:56:49

THE most awkward scene in bed ever. MIKE: Do you want me to do something for you? Like touch you or anything. FIONA: No, I'm good #Shameless
posted at 11:51:58

Aaaw.. poor Sheila all alone in that big house all by herself.... #dinnerfor1 #Shameless
posted at 11:50:01

Currently trying to explain to my mom what a flash mob is. ME: Just look at the tv. MOM: Why are they doing that? ME: Ugh!!! #shameless
posted at 11:47:37

Joey @Joey_Gutz
@emmyrossum And once again, father of the year goes to...
retweeted at 11:44:30

"There's more than one way to get booze into a Gallagher." Frank stoops to new lows to get alcohol into his body any way he can. #shameless
posted at 11:43:01

@roatkins I hope not or I'm in the minority.
posted at 11:39:09
Rowena Atkins ?@roatkins
@emmyrossum does anyone understand that stuff?

Pension? 401K? Umm... what? I didn't have to do much acting in this scene. I have no idea what asset allocation even means. #shameless
posted at 11:38:29

So glad we are getting more @noel_fisher and Mickey Milkovich. He's a great actor and adds so much flavor to the alibi in #shameless.
posted at 11:34:54

Shanola Hampton@shanolahampton
Inside scoop and weirdly enough, Veronica's storyline was always going to be this and had nothing to do with me personally! #artimitateslife
retweeted at 11:34:42

everyone send congrats to real life soon to be mommy @shanolahampton and thanks to #shameless for writing it in to the season 4 story!
posted at 11:33:10

@Ummmkaty yes
posted at 11:31:51
Scarlet-Sunrise ?@Ummmkaty

and THIS is why I'm glad I never had brothers. wet sweatpants?! #eew #shameless
posted at 11:29:54

Do you like the parallel between Fiona and Debbie's relationships? with the texting under the covers? #shameless
posted at 11:29:08

THIS is why I'm glad I never finished college. Other people in your dorm room trying to do it. #shameless
posted at 11:27:49

CARL: He's dying. FIONA: No, he's killing himself. There's a difference. #shameless
posted at 11:26:15

Our writers make a lot of jokes about people who are gluten-free... should I be starting to take it personally??? #gf #allergy #shameless
posted at 11:24:49

.@EmmaRoseKenney & @danikayarosh are adorable, but Debbie all grown up & flirting with older boys is freaking me out #dontgrowup #shameless
posted at 11:23:41

Re: Mike's Family. We've never seen Fiona in such a "normal" environment... right? So... how long can this last? #shameless
posted at 11:20:34

It was about 5 degrees when we shot this tailgating scene outside Soldier Field in Chicago right before thanksgiving. #shameless
posted at 11:18:53

Frank has never looks quite SO homeless. And that's saying something. #shameless
posted at 11:18:26

"Don't set the house on fire, just kidding. I'm not kidding" #shameless
posted at 11:17:16

@ElloBaby75 eew. okay. so it is real.
posted at 11:16:50
Samantha ?@ElloBaby75
@emmyrossum my brother did once off a hotel room balcony when he was little.

Mom to me just now: What's a flash mob?
posted at 11:14:41

This kitchen scene was the 1st we shot of the season. Scenes with @reelstevehowey and @shanolahampton to get back into the groove #shameless
posted at 11:10:59

Do boys really pee off balconies? Apparently this is something that happens. My boss John Wells says so. I'm an only child. #shameless
posted at 11:09:02

Fun fact, Joan Cusack's dog in real life is named Spike. Don't think the writers knew that though. #shameless
posted at 11:08:30

Real black eye on Carl @EthanCutkosky. Black eye and stitches from a skateboarding accident. Art mirroring life mirroring art #shameless
posted at 11:07:48

This year I taught @EmmaRoseKenney how to put on mascara in real life. Always plump the lash line with a back&forth motion! #shameless #bts
posted at 11:05:41

Never had a sister (I'm an only child) but this fighting for the mirror dance is something I sometimes did with my mom growing up #shameless
posted at 11:04:52

Tracey Gowa@TraceyGowa
Eff the golden globes, I'm watching #Shameless tonight! It's been too long! @emmyrossum @shanolahampton @EmmaRoseKenney @reelstevehowey
retweeted at 11:03:54

Shameless@SHO_Shameless It's Gallagher time! The #Shameless season premiere starts now! https://pic.twitter.com/0f8mxOUSCO
retweeted at 11:01:20

テーマ:★海外ドラマ★ - ジャンル:テレビ・ラジオ

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Emmy Rossum、Harpers Bazaarによるツイッター・インタビュー
2014 / 01 / 12 ( Sun )
エミー・ロッサム、ハーパーズ バザーによるツイッター・インタビュー

7:01:13 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Okay! Back to set on #shameless. Thanks for keeping me company on set during my lunch break! Love you, Harpers! #bazaarTA
7:00:16 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@NatalieZfat @harpersbazaarus Here are some looks I wanna wear in 2014 http://twitpic.com/drtsxb http://twitpic.com/drtsy1 http://twitpic.com/drtsyo
6:59:02 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum Happy 2014 and cannot wait to get #Shameless come Sunday! Thank you again for joining us. #bazaarTA
6:58:14 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum @NatalieZfat @harpersbazaarus @seoulcialite Favorite designers, ODLR, @M_Lhuillier, Donna karan, bibhu mohapatra, prabal, Ralph
 Natalie Zfat @NatalieZfat Who are Ms. @emmyrossum's favorite designers? @harpersbazaarus @seoulcialite #bazaarTA
6:58:13 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus That's all the time with have with @emmyrossum. Thank you all for joining our first ever #bazaarTA!
6:55:13 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus @Coop8640 If I could choose a superpower, I'd like to fly. It would help me get over my fear of heights!!! #bazaarTA

6:54:02 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus @Golfkat You're Not You with Hilary Swank will be out this summer!!! #yay The other films are still in editing. #bazaarTA
 Caddie @Golfkat @emmyrossum @harpersbazaarus Any news on your upcoming films? There's three, right?? #bazaarTA

6:53:06 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus @Mary19711 playing Fiona taught me how 2 stick up 4 myself. Like to think I do it in a less agro way, but still! #bazaarTA
 Marielle @Mary19711 @harpersbazaarus @emmyrossum what's something you learned from playing Fiona Gallagher? #bazaarTA #shameless

6:51:07 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus @yosephofnj Love the film HER. Cried. But BF said "Why didn't he just ASK his computer if they were exclusive?!" #bazaarTA
 Joe Buono @yosephofnj @emmyrossum @harpersbazaarus what's the last movie you have seen that's out, that you really liked? #bazaarTA

6:48:28 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum Insanity abounds! We cannot wait. Let’s now open up this #bazaarTA to fans. What do you all want to ask Emmy?
6:47:32 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Shameless is back on Sunday. Crazy season. Still shooting it. Fiona gets arrested, Frank needs a new liver ASAP. #bazaarTA
6:46:14 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Love an old school notepad. I like the little leather ones from @Smythson too, I gave them as holiday gifts. #BazaarTA
6:46:12 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum You're in great shape in #Shameless which premieres again on Sun! Anything you can share with us about the new season?#bazaarTA
6:44:41 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum @Restorsea @WarbyParker Definitely coveting everything that's in there. Especially impressed with the note pad. #bazaarTA
6:44:04 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum @harpersbazaarus I love @Physique57. I do the classes when I'm in NYC/LA & I did the dvd work out in my hotel over xmas in London! #bazaarTA
6:43:07 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus What's in my RL bag! @Restorsea, hermes scarf, @WarbyParker so I can see, schedule & fiji #bazaarTA https://pic.twitter.com/QNB6NSPGf2 

6:46am Physique 57 @Physique57 RT @emmyrossum @harpersbazaarus I love @Physique57 I do the classes when in NYC/LA & did the dvd work out in my hotel over xmas #bazaarTA
8:45 Warby Parker @WarbyParker @emmyrossum You know how much we love those Sloan specs on you, Emmy!

6:40:22 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum So chic! We like to think that holiday calories don't count. Do you have any favorite workouts to get in shape? #bazaarTA
6:39:03 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus I loved the Herrera gown I wore last summer, also @dkny met ball & the resurgence of the denim on denim trend. #bazaarTA
6:34:45 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum You had a few red carpet moments in 2013! What were your faves? #bazaarTA
6:29:55 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Also hair-wise, I'm alternating between Biotin & Viviscal to grow out a self-inflicted bang disaster of 2013. #bazaarTA
6:29:54 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum You'd love New York, then. The weather does a great job for our tresses. And it's free!
6:28:15 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Talking hair, I still love the mod slicked back wet look in front with the dry tousled back. Runway chic. #bazaarTA
6:28:15 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum: More color for 2014, we hear you. Can you snap a photo of what's in your bag and share with us what you always carry?#bazaarTA
6:26:51 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Fashion trend wise, I was overdoing nude & white pumps in 2013. 2014 calls for more inspired eclectic footwear. #bazaarTA
6:26:33 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum Certainly there's a business for that! Can you share with us a few fashion and beauty tips you've learned from 2013? #bazaarTA
6:24:38 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum We could all use a little extra R&R, for sure! What are some fashion trends that you were overdoing in 2013? #bazaarTA
6:24:21 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus In 2013 I vowed to stop chewing my nails... but I didn't follow through. I guess that's what gel manis are for!! #bazaarTA
6:23:40 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus my 2014 NY resolution is to take a VACATION. I didn't at all in 2013 and I'm exhausted from filming non-stop! #bazaarTA
6:22:19 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum Great choice. What are some resolutions for 2014 that you plan on sticking to and which in 2013 were successful? #bazaarTA
6:21:01 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Weather was rainy, chilly but very christmas-y (unlike LA!) I wore black @OliverTolentino http://instagram.com/p/imTSBUo9QR/ #bazaarTA
6:19:31 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum How was the weather there? Nothing like the Polar Vortex, we'd imagine. What did you wear? #bazaarTA
6:18:20 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus For NYE, I was in London for a friend's party! I got to meet Catherine Deneuve and Sofia Loren. #heaven #bazaarTA
6:17:04 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum: To kick this off, happy 2014! How was your New Year's? What did you do? #bazaarTA
6:16:21 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus And without further ado…A warm welcome to our first ever #bazaarTA guest, @emmyrossum!
6:16:19 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum Here we go @harpersbazaarus #bazaarTA
6:15:45 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus We are so excited you all are joining our first ever #bazaarTA with @emmyrossum! Feel free to join in on today’s Tweet and Answer.
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Emmy Rossum出演Jimmy Kimmel Liveの様子
2014 / 01 / 09 ( Thu )
エミー・ロッサム出演Jimmy Kimmel Liveの様子

Emmy Rossum on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1はホリデーシーズンについて 
Emmy Rossum on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2は「シェイムレス」について少し


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Emmy Rossum、FacebookでのQandA
2014 / 01 / 06 ( Mon )

It's nearly Q&A time! Comment below with your question and I'll be back in 25 minutes at 9PM EST to hit you with the answers. Can't wait! xo Emmy


Eric Ortwine You were a great choice for Fiona. Loved you in Beautiful Creatures. Anything else we get to see you in soon?
Emmy Rossum I've got a movie with hillary swank called "you're not you" and it's likely coming out early this summer!

Thomas Dente Which famous person encounter has left you most starstruck?
Emmy Rossum Catherine Deneuve. I almost met her on NYE this year. Was sitting right by her but didn't have the nerve to say hello. Love Repulsion.

Alicia Sappingfield Do you think Jimmy/Steve is really dead? I mean they didn't show him die die so I am wondering.
Emmy Rossum Exactly. I'm not sure. You should have seen the version of the script they never shot. It had the drug lord playing polo with Jimmy/Steve's head. That was supposed to be the last shot of season 3. And THAT would have made it clear that Jimmy/Steve was dead. The fact that they never actually shot the scene makes me think that they didn't want to solidify the idea that Jimmy is dead, so it leaves it a little open.

Alma Munguia Harry How tall are you?
Emmy Rossum 5'7"

Lawrence Williams what should we expect with your character on shameless this year.. who are the new cast members.. ? i love the show.. i am watching the marathon right now on showtime.
Emmy Rossum will be guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday. She’ll open the new season of Shamless with a nice nude scene
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Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』予告編
2014 / 01 / 04 ( Sat )


テーマ:★海外ドラマ★ - ジャンル:テレビ・ラジオ

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| ホーム |