The Hollywood Reporterによる恒例のドラマ座談会のEmmy Rossum
2014 / 06 / 13 ( Fri )
The Hollywood Reporterによる恒例のドラマ座談会。
ミンディ・カリング/Mindy Kaling (『The Mindy Project』)
イーディ・ファルコ/Edie Falco (『ナース・ジャッキー』)
テイラー・シリング/Taylor Schilling (『Orange Is The New Black』),
ズーイー・デシャネル/Zooey Deschanel (『New Girl ~ダサかわ女子と三銃士』)
ケイリー・クオコ/Kaley Cuoco (『ビッグバン★セオリー ギークなボクらの恋愛法則』)
と、ネットワーク局からSHOWTIMEの『ナース・ジャッキー』、Netflixの『Orange Is The New Black』まで、といいバランス。

What's the oddest thing you have been asked to do on your current series?
Emmy Rossum My character had to pee on camera for a drug test this past season. I had to pull my pants down and use this squeezy contraption that made it look like I was really doing it. But it wasn't me peeing, just for the record!

What's the most personal thing you've infused into a character?
Rossum I feel like my writers manipulate me. We'll be at a table read, and a female writer will come up to me in what I think is a friendly gesture, and ask, "What's the wackiest thing you can do with your body?" "I can put my legs over my head and sing 'The Star Spangled Banner,' " and then it's in the next script.

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