Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』インタビュー動画、シーズン4ネタバレ
2014 / 06 / 16 ( Mon )
エミー・ロッサム出演ドラマ『シェイムレ』インタビュー動画、シーズン4のネタバレ全開なので、今読んで大丈夫なのは『シェイムレス』がドラマ部門からコメディ部門に移ったことや、Critics' Choice Television Awards初のドラマ、コメディ両部門ノミネート俳優になったことくらいかも。

Emmy Rossum of 'Shameless' live from Los Angeles Times

In an interview with the LA Times on Friday, Emmy said, 'To only have two categories ? comedy and drama ? it's very black and white,' she said.

'I think there is a new brand of comedy. I think we actually always thought of ourselves as a comedy.
'We're definitely more in that vein. We're definitely not Homeland, we're definitely not Game of Thrones. We have really crazy, silly stuff happening on our show.
'I think there's a new kind of comedy. There's a humanity and the real exploration of the depth of a character. It's not about just beat, beat, joke.'

Gold Derby Q&A: Emmy Rossum ('Shameless')

In another "Shameless" surprise, the show is jumping from the Drama to Comedy categories at this years Emmys after reaping only three bids over three years (all for Joan Cusack in the guest actress race). Rossum said the switch is the right call: “I mean it’s called 'Shameless.' When people approach me on the street they say: ‘Oh my God I love your show it’s hilarious!’ They don’t say: ‘Oh my God I love your show, it was so scary when that guy poked that other guys eyeballs out and his head exploded. We’re not 'Game of Thrones.' So I do think we’ve always thought of ourselves more as a comedy.”

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