Emmy Rossum出演映画『Comet』Los Angeles Film Festivalで上映
2014 / 06 / 17 ( Tue )
ロサンゼルス映画祭(Los Angeles Film Festival)で上映されたエミー・ロッサム出演映画『Comet』、レビューが出てきました。ざっと見てみると比較対象に上がっている映画は『(500)日のサマー』 や『ビフォア・ミッドナイト』シリーズなどです。

LAFF 2014: Comet

The music and visual effects somewhat save the film, however, as it’s literally all dialogue, and each scene’s distinct look (props to cinematographer Eric Koretz) showcase the conversations beautifully. Long and Rossum carry the weight of the film as they talk their way through every scene.

‘Comet’ Review: Justin Long and Emmy Rossum Star In Wonderful, Surrealist ’500 Days of Summer’

We stay invested in these stories because Esmail has written great characters, and the performances are even better. As Kimberly, Rossum is at the top of her game. She gives an award-worthy performance. She’s charming, wacky, somehow attainable, and average, in addition to being appealing and attractive. The balance of wonderful is kind of hard to describe. Long, too, does some of the best work of his career as Dell.

Emmy Rossum Doesn't Believe In Love At First Sight

In a fractured structure similar to 500 Days of Summer, we see Kim and Dell fall instantly, madly in love, and then suffer the consequences over the course of six years. There are lots of pheromones, sure, but the flick centers itself more on the idea of destiny.

"Justin and I met at an improv comedy show that he was performing in," said Rossum. "I was so impressed with him. We all went out for drinks afterward, and Justin and I had a real chemistry. We ended up developing a relationship over text messages ? not flirtation, but just in a, 'This is a guy who sends funny pictures' sort of way."

Comet (★★★?)

writer/director Sam Esmail has such a sure hand and a fantastic understanding of the journey he’s trying to take the audience on.
The star of this movie is Justin Long who gives perhaps the best performance of his career in this film.

Film Review: ‘Comet’

Lapses in the screenplay are mitigated only slightly by the natural chemistry between Long and Rossum. They’re such a perfect match onscreen, in both physical presence and acting style, that one can only hope for a stronger vehicle in the future to better explore the potential left untapped here.

LAFF Review: 'Comet,' Starring Justin Long and Emmy Rossum, is a Cosmic Romance Worth Watching Grade: B+

It carves out a space for itself between the drawn-out conversations of Richard Linklater’s “Before” trilogy, the jumps between a turbulent couple’s honeymoon period and their eventual decline in “Blue Valentine,” and the whimsical dream logic of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” And it’s as appealingly strange, funny, and melancholy as those components suggest.

Comet: Emmy Rossum "Kimberly" Exclusive Interview at LA Film Fest
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