Emmy Rossum出演映画『Comet』レビュー、監督インタビュー
2014 / 06 / 30 ( Mon )
エミー・ロッサム出演映画『Comet』Los Angeles Film Festivalで上映の続きです。

WAMG Talks To Sam Esmail: COMET

Hurtling back and forth in time over six years of a passionate, complicated relationship, COMET is a high-style love story crackling with brilliant repartee, and simmering with true feeling. Last week, the film made its premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

How I Shot That (LAFF Edition): Shooting in a Cemetery for 'Comet'

What was the most difficult shoot on your movie and how did you pull it off? The scenes at the cemetery were difficult because we couldn't control the time of day in which to shoot because we didnt have much time there. Furthermore the weather was changing from cloudy to sunny frequently. This made matching shots difficult. We achieved it by planning well and changing on the fly with my Key Grip Jerry Deats and my Gaffer Jeffrey Petersen.

LAFF Review: 'Comet' Starring Justin Long And Emmy Rossum Is An Original & Inventive Love Story

when they first meet (she’s on a date with another guy), breakup #1 (in Paris), first reunion (on a train), breakup #2 (on the phone, he’s in New York, she’s in L.A.), and what could possibly be reunion #2. Of course,
Rossum oscillates between two different stages of Kimberly (which is mostly telegraphed visually through her hair): wild, unkempt, a free-spirit who gives not one fuck, versus composed, smooth, and put together. Both roles are fine showcases for the two actors’ total range.
danker sides of L.A. and New York. The score, by “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” composer, Daniel Hart, ties all the sections together, but also adds to the soaring, epic, fantastical tale. Is this real? We might not know.

LAFF 2014 Review: ‘Comet’ is a Gut-Wrenching Look at a Six Year Romance

Emmy Rossum plays Kimberly, and while I’ve always really liked her as an actress, she does some next-level work here. She’s piercing, curious, razor sharp, fun, bouncy, merciless, and vulnerable, and it’s easy to see why Dell would fall for her.

LAFF ’14 Review: ‘Comet’

Making this all work on a human level are some of the best performances we’ve ever seen from Justin Long and Emmy Rossum. In the film, each character couldn’t be more different, as opposites who attract and change one another with irresistible charm and genuine chemistry.
Above all, Comet is a breath of fresh air, beautifully scripted, executed and acted with the kind of haunting mediation of life and love we don’t too often get. With it’s impressionistic and genre-bending narrative, we learn that life is what happens in between each word, thought or action. In that sense, Sam Esmail’s impressive debut is a beautiful love letter to life itself.

'Comet': Film Review

Just as Woody Allen once intended to title Annie Hall, Anhedonia, Sam Esmail might well have called his debut feature not Comet but Logorrhea.

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