Emmy Rossum、Facebook. Q&A
2014 / 10 / 13 ( Mon )
エミー・ロッサム、Facebook. Q&A
Jeremy Theodis Jones Do you have any interest in playing a marvel or dc character?
Emmy Rossum yes i'd love to be in a comic movie. but don't just wanna be hot action chick #3. want to be a quirky fun action character.

Jade Carrigan Hardest scene you've ever had to film?
Emmy Rossum Everything in the Jail last season. And the last few scenes of You're Not You.
「一番きつかったシーンは?刑務所とYou're Not Youのラスト近く」

Stephanie Phillips Are you interested in producing/directing future projects? Also, what's your 3 fav comedy movies?
Emmy Rossum Love Actually. When Harry Met Sally. Bringing up baby.

Jessie Louise Upward To me going to see Phantom of the Opera at the age of nine was a very grand cinematic and moving experience that has stuck with me to this very day, still at nineteen. Phantom will always be a film now that I associate with my childhood. Are there any films you saw in your childhood that you had a similar experience with?
Emmy Rossum Mrs. Doubtfire changed my childhood.

Shelby Stevens In all of your line of work (shows, movies, singing) what has been the most challenging for you? And what do you do to overcome obstacles such as nerves, difficult scenes, etc?
Emmy Rossum Remember to breathe. Seriously. Breathing is key. Often with my younger actors on Shameless if they have a crying scene I can see them holding their breath trying to make themselves cry and I say breathe!! and then it comes out much more easily. Also drink a lot of water before a crying scene and you will produce more tears I find

Kayla Norton By the way, you should do a period film! I think you'd be great in something Austen-esq.!
Emmy Rossum That's a dream for sure. I love a corset drama.

Jessica Ferreira Who is your acting inspiration?
Emmy Rossum So many. Too many to name. Tilda. Cate. Kate.

Antonio Cifariello What past movie have you ever wished to join in? And what role of this to perform?
Kisses from Italy
Emmy Rossum I wanted the part in Tuck Everlasting so badly!
「昔の映画に加われるとしたら?エバーラスティング 時をさまようタック」

Kristen Ashworth What's your favorite episode that you've ever filmed on Shameless?
Emmy Rossum 406. In the jail. Oy@

Jade Carrigan Hardest scene you've ever had to film?
Emmy Rossum Everything in the Jail last season. And the last few scenes of You're Not You.
「一番きつかったシーンは?刑務所とYou're Not Youのラスト近く」

【You're Not You】
Terry Supafly Asbury What was it like working with Hilary and Josh
Emmy Rossum I love Hilary and we got super close. Josh is dreamy and so sweet. An amazing father. Fergie's a lucky girl!!

Serena Moore It has been wonderful to see so much light shed onto ALS in recent months, so as someone living with PTSD, I have often wondered how we as a nation can bring more attention to other causes and afflictions. Are there any other causes aside from ALS that hit particularly close to home for you?
Emmy Rossum PTSD is no joke, sorry you're going through that. Cancers are close to me. Specifically breast cancer and melanoma, both of which run in my family. I try to lead a pretty clean life and stay out of the sun to minimize my risk. Sending love and support to you.

Megan Elizabeth Bernicky Also I see you're on late night tonight. Which is more frightening, acting in front of a live audience or singing?
Emmy Rossum singing always. I still get so nervous. i mean beyond. i stay up all night saying lyrics under my breath and can't sleep before a performance.

Lu Garofalo Since your a musician was that really you playing the guitar in the movie, or was that a hand double? And what Instrument can you play besides singing?
Emmy Rossum Those are my hands doing a terrible job.

John Crann How much of the directors input went into creating the screen personae for your character Bec...10%/50%/75% ???
Emmy Rossum It's always a collaboration. Our director George C Wolfe comes from theater so he's very very intensely performance oriented. He really stripped me of all of my actor protection mechanisms. Take after take he'd come in with different notes. Usually physical notes. Dont put your hands in your pocket. Dont laugh. Dont lean on that chair.These were things I was doing to support myself that kept me from feeling the most intense version of my feelings. Once those habits were taken away from me, I was left very bare in front of the camera. I left most days exhausted.

Maria Mesiano Did you work hard for this important role?
Does this character embody you? If yes, in which way?
Emmy Rossum Yes! I had to audition next to a lot of really good actresses. But I feel a real connection to the role. I heard it was down to 2 of us after the audition. So I got the director and Hilary's emails (she was also a producer and made the final call on casting) and I emailed them telling them why it meant so much to me!

Nicole Gallagher Will there be a new album anytime soon?
Emmy Rossum Nope, I'm not working on any music soon. However there is a song I wrote for the end credits that I perform on camera in You're Not You.
「ニュー・アルバムは?当分ないわ、でもYou're Not Youのラストで歌っている姿が見られるわ」

Adriana Kisic Can you actually play guitar like in your picture below in the movie?
Emmy Rossum No. I suck.

Nicole Agee Tattoos?
Emmy Rossum None. Too indecisive.

Kay Langston If you could have lunch with any person, dead or alive who would you choose?
Emmy Rossum Christiane Amanpour

Saftwo Onesaf is shameless your fav tv show ??
Emmy Rossum The Honorable Woman is my favorite new show. I think it's INCREDIBLE. Go download it immediately.
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