2015 / 01 / 16 ( Fri )

Shauna Stockton Did you watch the original Shameless or Fiona before when accepting the role?
1月15日 13:36
Emmy Rossum During the audition process, the director Mark Mylod asked me to watch the British pilot (that he also directed) so I would know what to expect.
1月15日 13:57

Mandi Beck What about Fiona is most like you in real life?
1月15日 13:37
Emmy Rossum Not our taste in men, that's for sure!
1月15日 14:04

Joanie Golden-Aldorisio are you ever going to sing on Shameless?
1月15日 13:38
Emmy Rossum They don't let me sing or dance.
1月15日 14:01

Seth Ripkin Are you happy with the way the show has depicted the lower class? And are you more class-conscious now than you were before taking the role?
1月15日 13:45
Emmy Rossum I grew up in Manhattan, attending an all girls prep school (uniforms, catty, think gossip girl), but I was from a "broken family" (a few girls at school were kind enough remind me) and my mom worked so hard to send me there. So I never ever felt like I fit in in an upper class environment. I feel more at home being Fiona. I think we are showing a lower income family in a darkly comedic way. I hope we are showing this family on TV the way that Rosanne did, or the way that Married With Children did. We are darker for sure, but I think it's great that there's room on tv and a fan base for a show that isn't aspirational.
1月15日 14:13

Tracey Saunders Which of your cast mates story lines is your favorite to follow?
1月15日 13:39
Emmy Rossum Probably Lip. But Frank has a killer storyline this season.
1月15日 13:59
Emmy Rossum In fact, I was a little jealous of Ian's storyline this year, it's pretty dark and deep, like what I had last season (s4) so I was jealous
1月15日 13:59

Bill Lathrop Who would win in a fight, you or V?
1月15日 13:40
Emmy Rossum V. She knows to take off her earrings first.
1月15日 14:38

Shawna Mahaha Will MONICA make a return?
1月15日 13:40
Emmy Rossum Yes, sooner than later.
1月15日 14:07

Chelsea Garcia Ortega Even though it's just a character, do you personally ever feel shame over what Fiona does?
1月15日 13:40
Emmy Rossum YES. I was so worried everyone was going to hate her last season. But we were able to show vulnerability, substantiate her decline and have her take responsibility for her actions... I was surprised it worked so well.
1月15日 14:01

Lucy Baca Is Jimmy coming coming back?!
1月15日 13:38
Emmy Rossum Yes. Soon.
1月15日 13:56

Nahuel Silva If there was anyhing you could say to Fiona, what would it be?
1月15日 13:37
Emmy Rossum Girl, get it together.
1月15日 14:39

Aaron Ray Sutton What are your most favorite and least favorite episodes?
1月15日 13:37
Emmy Rossum Least favorite: when debbie steals the baby, when Fiona holds the meeting for the grocery store workers in her house to protest dirty Bobby..... Favorite episodes, usually the season finales.
1月15日 14:00

Shauna Stockton You really have made Fiona character your own, with story lines tapered to the American struggle.. Did you find the nudity and crass nature of the show to be intimindating?
1月15日 13:39
Emmy Rossum We embrace it. We have to. There's no other way to tell this story honestly without being crass.
1月15日 14:08

Sarah Souders Are you as close with the "Gallager family and friends" in real life, as you are on the show??
1月15日 13:40
Emmy Rossum Well, we don't live together IRL obviously, but we are close. I text with Emma (Debbie) a lot and Shanola (Veronika). Shanola is a huge sports fan. I texted her last night after I met Reggie Bush at a parking garage valet and he told me his wife loves shameless. I told Shanola and she almost died. She loved it.
1月15日 13:58

Tracy Rodgers Fusaro can you tease/spoil anything not-depressing coming up for ian/mickey?
1月15日 13:42
Emmy Rossum Hmmm.... it's a dark year for Ian...
1月15日 13:43

「猫の膀胱結石」「あのときは苦労した 」
Karen Pester I saw your kitty had bladder stones and was wondering how she was doing?
1月15日 13:44
Emmy Rossum Much better, thank you. She's not too pleased when I squirt medicine down her throat... but otherwise she pretends we are friends.
1月15日 14:30

Angela Ackermann Klein Do you ever date anyone from show
1月15日 13:45
Emmy Rossum Yes... I did...
1月15日 14:28

Jacob Cohen What is the #1 thing you love about Fiona and what is the #1 thing you hate about Fiona?!
1月15日 13:47
Emmy Rossum She never gives up. She's reckless.
1月15日 14:35

Sarah Campbell Are you and Shanola best friends in real life? What is your favorite thing to do when y'all hang out?
1月15日 13:47
Emmy Rossum We both watch bad reality tv. Big Brother, Bachelor, etc.
1月15日 14:25

「好きなアイス」「ピスタチオ、コーヒー、レインボー シャーベット」
Carl Sobel Favorite ice cream flavor?
1月15日 13:47
Emmy Rossum pistachio, coffee, and rainbow sherbet.
1月15日 14:25

Jilian Scott If you could only have one beauty product, what would it be?
1月15日 13:47
Emmy Rossum Lip Balm.
1月15日 14:24

Kenny Blackburn Is frank ( william) ever going to have a heart and be a good dad.
1月15日 13:48
Emmy Rossum Don't hold your breath.... he will fall in love for the first time towards the end of this season though... and it's not a con... it's real...
1月15日 14:23

Tygerlily LaBello Can we expect a lot of shocking moments and surprises in this season?
1月15日 13:48
Emmy Rossum A marriage, a pregnancy....
1月15日 14:23

Sandi Testut I love how the basis for the show is family. No matter what Frank is doing or how trashed he is, he's truly cares for his family. Who is your favorite Shameless Character and why?
1月15日 13:41
Emmy Rossum Sheila because she's so kind and insane at the same time.
1月15日 14:06

Ozancan Demir???k What do you plan to do after Shameless ends? Will you move on to another show, or go with movies?
1月15日 13:49
Emmy Rossum Movies I hope, at least for a while. More freedom.
1月15日 14:18

Desiray Kobel I love this show! Is will Macy fun to work with?
1月15日 13:49
Emmy Rossum He is such a joy. He directed episode 7 this year, it's an intense one. We don't actually act together that much bc our characters aren't in a lot of scenes together, so that was really fun.
1月15日 14:17

Katie Cruz If you could compare Fiona's character to a food, what would it be?
1月15日 13:49
Emmy Rossum chilli cheese fries
1月15日 14:16

Kia Briggs #shameless did you actually attend an NA meeting for character research?
1月15日 14:15
Emmy Rossum and Al-Anon.
1月15日 15:00

Erin Wood Bachman Who is the hardest actor to have scenes with because you just end up laughing?
1月15日 14:15
Emmy Rossum Howey "KEV"
1月15日 15:00

Ashley McMichael How long does hair & makeup take to look like Fiona? Ha!
1月15日 14:15
Emmy Rossum 30
1月15日 15:00

Antonela Tomlinson Rhee ?ibrat Did you ever had to go trough something that happened on Shameless
1月15日 14:15
Emmy Rossum My grandmother died while we were shooting the episode where Fiona's grandmother dies. Very strange. Difficult for me.
1月15日 14:59

Anthony Melendrez Jr. Any practical jokers on the set?
1月15日 14:16
Emmy Rossum Howey. And Chatwin. There was an incident with a diaper.
1月15日 14:58

Tracy Hudgins If you hung out with Fiona, would you two get along?
1月15日 14:17
Emmy Rossum I feel like she wouldn't like me, I'm not cool enough for her.
1月15日 14:58

Maureen McCarthy How rough is this KNICKS season for you??!!
1月15日 14:20
Emmy Rossum THE WORST.
1月15日 14:56

Joel Colmenares NYC, Chitown, or LA?
1月15日 14:21
Emmy Rossum NYC.
1月15日 14:56

Ross Spears What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
1月15日 14:21
Emmy Rossum Organix from the drug store.
1月15日 14:55

Jose Delachankla Have you ever tried drugs in real life? Or is that something that you can't answer? lol
1月15日 14:22
Emmy Rossum Yeah but I don't like them.
1月15日 14:55

Janet Bluth Goren Were you as happy/shocked as we were when you saw Jimmy's scene??
1月15日 14:22

Emmy Rossum I WAS SO MAD! I had been campaigning for him to come back and no one told me anything. They apparently flew him into Chicago secretly, put him up at a different hotel and used a different crew. I didn't know he was back until the finale aired. Then I got an email from my boss that said "gotcha!" and justin texted me "I'm baaaack". I was blown away and happy.
1月15日 14:54

Carlos Trevino Is there improve on set or is it mainly all in the script?
1月15日 14:26
Emmy Rossum 100% script
1月15日 14:51

Chris Tattrie If you had to work with someone from The OC To guest star on the show Who would it be?
1月15日 14:29
Emmy Rossum Ben M
1月15日 14:50

John Jurosovich Your so beautiful. Do have any tattoo's ?
1月15日 14:32
Emmy Rossum Nope.
1月15日 14:48

Crissy Simpson I've noticed you have pets! What are their names? And p.s. I love shameless! One of the best shows I've ever seen and it gives me something to look forward to every Sunday!
1月15日 14:33
Emmy Rossum Cinnamon, Fiona and Pepper
Emmy Rossum My mom has a chihuahua named Sugar who often stays with me.
1月15日 14:47

Kelly Thornton What is a typical day for you when you're not working? People wanna know...
1月15日 14:33
Emmy Rossum Gym, friends, reading, game night.
1月15日 14:46

Holly Welko Van Howe How do you get those beautiful curls in your hair?!
1月15日 14:34
Emmy Rossum It grows out of my head like that. I constantly try to straighten and tame it.
1月15日 14:46

Carly Jean Helbling favorite cast member? favorite outfit worn? favorite scene to shoot? my favorite show is shameless!
1月15日 14:34
Emmy Rossum I love that Nirvana T shirt.
1月15日 14:45

Sunshine Anthony I bet your character will have mixed reactions about Jimmy returning. Can you say we won't be disappointed about the drama he brings? Also, will the hot cop, Tony, make another appearance?
1月15日 14:36
Emmy Rossum You will NOT be dissapointed. Even if you're not a Jimmy fan, it's the development and closure this story needs.
1月15日 14:42

Dave Harris not sure if this was asked honestly, but what were your thoughts on your role when you first read your script?
1月15日 14:38
Emmy Rossum I thought it was a total game changer for whoever got the role.1月15日 14:40
Emmy Rossum Made me wanna fight for it.
1月15日 14:40
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