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@emmyrossum how does Fiona compare to Claire; your character in "Genius" the @disneychannel movie? #lovedyoueversince #tdat #poto #askemmy
@Bowyer91 @DisneyChannel I kinda don't even remember that movie. I just remember the flying kissing scene & I loved Toronto where we filmed
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@emmyrossum Which cast member would you describe as the prankster? #AskEmmy
@MlCKEYSUPSET @Justingchatwin and @stevehowey. Howey left a diaper in my guest room during a party & I didn't know what the smell was!!!
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@emmyrossum if you could bring back one character next season who would it be? #AskEmmy
@im_notatool JOAN CUSACK!!!
posted at 09:02:54

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy is Mandy coming back in s6 or did Emma leave the show for good?
@mickkmilkovich I'm not sure, but I think it's done, they don't usually tell us unless it pertains to our storyline.
posted at 09:03:24

@emmyrossum Which episode of this season was the most emotionally challenging for you to film? #AskEmmy
@CameronMonaghna the ep where Fiona and JimmySteveJackWhateverHisNameIs have that encounter in the kitchen and she's very emotional during
posted at 09:04:06

@emmyrossum do you have a favorite flower? #AskEmmy
@MlCKEYSUPSET lilies and roses
posted at 09:04:17

@emmyrossum who's on their phone the most on set? #AskEmmy
@gallaghaer without a doubt @EmmaRoseKenney :)
posted at 09:04:44

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy How do you prepare for other roles that you're not so attached to like you are with Fiona?
@brightsideniall combination of research and imagination. intellectualize it first, then forget it all and just breathe.
posted at 09:05:42

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy what cast member brings the most energy to the set?
@MICKEYFTYEVGENY me and @shanolahampton :) if I do say so myself!
posted at 09:06:02

@emmyrossum do you have go-to workout songs?? #AskEmmy .
@MlCKEYSUPSET anything really aggressive and rap-y
posted at 09:06:18

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy Do you have any secret helpful tips for young beginners actors/actresses?
@brightsideniall don't get discouraged by the business. just this week I heard I "wasn't it-girl looking enough for a part"...um... thanks?!
posted at 09:07:24

@emmyrossum who makes you laugh the most on set? #AskEmmy
@yevmilkovichs Steve Howey. By far. @stevehowey
posted at 09:07:37

@emmyrossum If you could interview anyone from your life living or dead, but not a celebrity, who would it be and why? #AskEmmy
@hannabluegreen My grandmother who I never met. My mother's mother. She passed away from Lupus when my mom was 13. I'm named after her.
posted at 09:08:39

@emmyrossum are u ready for season 6? #AskEmmy
@thenthereslouis HELLLLYES
posted at 09:08:48

if you could give fiona any advice, what would you tell her? @emmyrossum #AskEmmy
@lANGALLHGAER Girl, you don't need a man to define you. Chill out and just do you for a hot second.
posted at 09:09:13

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy I loved Fiona/Mickey interactions this season. Did you and Noel have a lot of fun filming those scenes? :)
@mickkmilkovich some of my favorite to film. freaking @noel_fisher is talented. I want to find a movie for him and me.
posted at 09:09:40

@emmyrossum would you ever consider coming to iceland? #AskEmmy
@FUCKINGALLGHERS I actually have a pinterest page dedicated to places I'd like to stay on airbnb in iceland. so beautiful.
posted at 09:10:10

@emmyrossum What is your favorite Dermot movie? #AskEmmy
@samthemovie Honey, this q&a is not for you. But I'll answer bc I like you. My Best Friend's Wedding.
posted at 09:10:59

@emmyrossum who has been your favorite actor to play your best friend? I know this is a tough one!:)#AskEmmy
@shanolahampton hmmm I'd say probably @AmySmart26.... OOOH BURN! jk. you, obviously.

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy whats your favourite disney film?
@ianandcarl LITTLE MERMAID!
posted at 09:13:05

@emmyrossum What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?What is your earliest memory? #AskEmmy
@hannabluegreen earliest memory is falling and skinning my chin on the stairs in my apt... I'm not sure if it even happened actually...
posted at 09:13:37

@emmyrossum Do you know few words in french ? #AskEmmy ?? ???? x35
@thugallavich oui, merci, j'ai faim maintenant...
posted at 09:14:22

@emmyrossum am i going to cry at the episode tonight be honest #AskEmmy
@RAVICKREYES I did at table read.
posted at 09:14:45

@emmyrossum what do you think what is that makes shameless interesting?? spain loves you ???? #AskEmmy ndnd
@storanhugs it's f^cked up & real & the characters are dynamic & likable -- except frank -- and youre shocked at least 1 time per episode
posted at 09:16:00

@emmyrossum did you learn something with your character that you brought to yourself?? #askemmy
@iangallaghrer how to stand up for myself. and love my body.
posted at 09:16:12

「怖いこと」「誰かがうちのガレージにいること。ドキュメンタリーThe Jinxを見ること」
#AskEmmy @emmyrossum what is your weirdest fear?
@dobrevsgrimes that someone is in my garage right now. watching the jinx was a bad idea.
posted at 09:16:43

How would you feel if gallavich breaks up #AskEmmy @emmyrossum
@cuntraits too much pain
posted at 09:17:08

@emmyrossum #askemmy do you agree that fiona should take a break from guy-drama and just worry about herself for once?
@mlikovich AMEN
posted at 09:17:27

@emmyrossum when is Liam gonna communicate in full sentences?
@RealJakeBowman soon! the kid can practically do algebra!
posted at 09:17:53

@emmyrossum #askemmy have you ever gotten star struck?
@wealthyziam yes, daniel craig years ago on the street in london
posted at 09:18:15

@emmyrossum when does filming for s6 start?? Already can't wait! 9 months is too long to wait!! #askEmmy #shameless ??
@BellaFarella this summer. i know. i agree. i dont know why we don't do 2 seasons back to back but they dont do that i guess.
posted at 09:18:39

@emmyrossum How powerful does it feel to play such a strong character like Fiona, especially on the current TV landscape? #AskEmmy
@carlosrubi so good. thanks for what you said.
posted at 09:18:59

@emmyrossum what's your favourite place to spend your holidays? #AskEmmy
@doitfornouis anywhere we get snow. last year I was in Wyoming, this year I will be back in NY I hope
posted at 09:19:22

@emmyrossum who's likes to go off script the most and just adlip #AskEmmy
@BubbleyAndie85 We aren't allowed to do that!!!
posted at 09:19:36

「百万ドル拾ったら」「Best Friends Animal Societyと Stand Up To Cancerに半分ずつ寄付」
@emmyrossum if u find a bag w 1M dollars what would u do? #AskEmmy
@woahnoel Oh..... take it all for myself!!! muah ha ha ha... no. give half to @bestfriends and half to @SU2C
posted at 09:20:33

@emmyrossum what was it like seeing cameron, emma and ethan grow in front of your eyes? #AskEmmy
@lANGALLHGAER terrifying.
posted at 09:21:30

@emmyrossum do you believe in life after death? #AskEmmy
@sweetestkaty I believe there's something... but not sure it's conscious or not... not in the way we understand it... too much for 140 chtrs
posted at 09:22:18

@emmyrossum could you say a word to your french fans who're still awake when it's 2am here? We love you!! #AskEmmy
@mymiIkovich Bonne nuit
posted at 09:22:35

@emmyrossum any advice to anyone with depression? #AskEmmy
@shamxless keep breathing. it gets better.
posted at 09:22:52

@emmyrossum What's your guilty pleasure? #AskEmmy
@ShamelessHotel dairy. :)
posted at 09:23:01

@emmyrossum if you reply me I'll go out naked and tweet u a pic #AskEmmy
@airlexturner wow.
posted at 09:23:31

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy Winter or summer?
posted at 09:23:51

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy emmy can you cheer me up im sad
@frickfalahee that made ME sad. please don't be.
posted at 09:24:05

@emmyrossum what would current Fiona say to season 1 Fiona? #AskEmmy
@pizzapllanet girl, you think it's hard NOW?
posted at 09:24:27

@emmyrossum would you rather: Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Dermot Mulroney? #AskEmmy
@saintwist I was team jeff until I met dermot and now I'm so hardcore team Dermot.
posted at 09:24:58

@emmyrossum what was the best movie you watched in the entire 2014? #AskEmmy
@AcklesCrew Boyhood. Hands down.
posted at 09:25:16

@emmyrossum house made of trampolines or a bathtub full of your favorite cookies? #AskEmmy
@niallmilkovich bathtub of cookies. how is that even a question?
posted at 09:25:37

@emmyrossum what's the last song you had listen to? #AskEmmy
@misterromanoff listening to music right now. Lana Del Rey is on.
posted at 09:26:24

@emmyrossum heard you talk in interview about sex scene with Jimmy when you were crying. I understood & cried with you. Brilliant!
@mamalocksy :)
posted at 09:26:54

@emmyrossum do you think season 5 is the best Shameless season?!? #AskEmmy
@martafairy I liked 4... but maybe I'm too close to it?
posted at 09:28:26

@emmyrossum what's your biggest fear? #AskEmmy
@colourfularry heights
posted at 09:28:52

@emmyrossum What’s something most people don’t know about you? #AskEmmy
@sansasmark I wear the same thing every day for a week if I like it.
posted at 09:29:26

@emmyrossum How can I help get over my social anxiety? I miss being able to do drama and choir #AskEmmy
@fandomprince breathing techniques, breathe in to the count of 4 hold for 2, out to the count of 4, hold for 2. it calms me down before mtgs
posted at 09:30:31

@emmyrossum white or dark chocolate?#AskEmmy
@tinyboyian white chocolate or super dark chocolate.
posted at 09:31:10

@emmyrossum if you were given a book about your life, would you read it till the end? :) #AskEmmy
@gallaghaer of course. Im too curious.
posted at 09:31:21

@emmyrossum would you ever come to Maine? #AskEmmy
@emmyrossumlove YES! @samthemovie and I were talking about that last week!
posted at 09:31:42

@emmyrossum if you reply me I will tattoo a fiona quote on my butt #AskEmmy
@dylan_obriens gotta do it then.
posted at 09:31:49

@emmyrossum how do you feel about having people on the internet call you mom #AskEmmy
@paynesgallagher do they????
posted at 09:32:08

@emmyrossum when you eat cereal do you pour the milk first or the cereal first?! #AskEmmy
@camiIkovich cereal.. isn't that normal?
posted at 09:32:49

@emmyrossum do you ever get nervous before a scene? #AskEmmy
@stylesswallows YES if it's an important one for sure. and the night before I start every project I'm convinced I will be fired.
posted at 09:33:13

@emmyrossum whats your favorite ice cream flavor? #AskEmmy @fixbett w
@badwolfs @fixbett pistachio or rainbow swirl
posted at 09:33:30

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy Would you ever get a tattoo? ??
@xFionaGallagher nah, I could never commit to something
posted at 09:34:39

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy were you surprised when you found out that Monica was coming back??
@miIkovichmandy floored.
posted at 09:35:03

@emmyrossum do u sleep with urs socks on or off #AskEmmy
@mikceymiIkovich no socks.
posted at 09:35:26

@emmyrossum what's your favorite thing to do in Chicago when not on set? #AskEmmy
@AdrianMichelleG vintage and antique shops
posted at 09:36:08

What do u think about s6 #AskEmmy
@lou2k15 no idea what to expect
posted at 09:36:42

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy Do you use bath bombs
@FlONAGALLAGHER nope, they are too high maintenance, messy!
posted at 09:37:37

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy strawberries or bananas?
@miIkovichian bananas, 1 a day
posted at 09:38:05

@emmyrossum What was your least favourite school subject? #AskEmmy
@targraryens history. i couldn't remember the dates and events.
posted at 09:38:19

@emmyrossum curly or straight hair #AskEmmy
@voidstan both!
posted at 09:38:32

@emmyrossum do you like donuts? #AskEmmy
@polaroidpaulson fonuts.
posted at 09:38:48

「Broad City 見てる」「ベスト・コメディ」
@emmyrossum #AskEmmy do you watch Broad City??
@reveillerbelle its the BEST COMEDY ON TV.
posted at 09:39:18

@emmyrossum what is the thing you hate the most? #AskEmmy
@milkovicheart liars.
posted at 09:39:32

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy Would you ever do horror ?
@dylanarnold_ considering a genre pic now
posted at 09:40:03

@emmyrossum do you like sushi? #AskEmmy
@glallavich love. more ginger the better.
posted at 09:40:25

@emmyrossum what's the first thing you do when you arrive at set? #AskEmmy @fixbett @bastillez w
@badwolfs @fixbett @bastillez go straight to hair and makeup and sit my ass down. it's how you start the work day.
posted at 09:40:51

@emmyrossum what's the thing do you love most? #AskEmmy
@JKRiordan13 laughing over dinner with my friends and family
posted at 09:41:49

@emmyrossum would Fiona survive in a zombie apocalypse? #AskEmmy
@Kelly_tiu_ny of course.
posted at 09:42:57

@emmyrossum what is your favorite pizza taste? #AskEmmy r
@fckouatt pepperoni
posted at 09:43:29

「今、好きな曲」「Love Me Like You Do(エリー・ゴールディング)」
@emmyrossum what is your favorite song at the moment? #AskEmmy x7
@drwcomfoy Love Me Like You Do
posted at 09:44:06

@emmyrossum is it hard for you to fall asleep? #AskEmmy
@awarmouth nope, I'm a super good napper too.
posted at 09:44:48

「R&B」「End Of The Road( ボーイズIIメン)」
@emmyrossum whats your favorite throwback jam? #AskEmmy
@iansgotmickey end of the road
posted at 09:46:32

@emmyrossum FIONA AND LIP ARE MY FAVES! How does it feel working with Jeremy? #AskEmmy fg
@shamarless I love him!!! He's so insanely talented.
posted at 09:46:58

@emmyrossum Dogs or cats? #AskEmmy
@docrtorwho both, living together. right now on my couch. along with @allyfroh
posted at 09:47:41

@emmyrossum do you make playlists to listen to in order to get into character? #AskEmmy
@ultronned yes of course!
posted at 09:48:19

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy if there was one character from shameless you could choose to have a happily ever after who would it be?
@gaIIxvich Ian.
posted at 09:48:30

@SHO_Shameless @emmyrossum Please pick team gus :D i love you emmy
@jessicachelsie2 @SHO_Shameless Are you sure tho?
posted at 09:48:38

「見ている番組」「 Real Housewives、The Jinx、ザ・ソプラノズ・マラソン」
@emmyrossum What TV shows do you watch other than Shameless? #AskEmmy 83
@Khaleesi_Dixon Real Housewives, The Jinx, Sopranos marathon right now.
posted at 09:49:16

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy Can you say "hola Mexico"?
posted at 09:49:32

@emmyrossum do you like Italy?! #AskEmmy
@leaftchris WHO DOESN'T LIKE ITALY? Good food, so much dairy, good architecture! history! cute boys making paninis in rome!
posted at 09:51:16

@emmyrossum what was the last thing you ate? #AskEmmy
@AcklesCrew grapes and I'm having a starbucks iced tea right now.
posted at 09:51:50

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy do you have any pets?
@edsheeskipped 2 dogs and a cat!!! sometimes 3 dogs and a cat if my mom lets me have hers for a vacation!
posted at 09:52:15

@emmyrossum would you linke to act in a movie with tom hiddleston? #AskEmmy @wudyinha
@carlgalliagher @wudyinha yes please
posted at 09:53:24

@emmyrossum Do y'all miss Joan Cusack and her "Sheila" character as much as I do?? #AskEmmy
@AnnemarieDalton yes! can we please start a #bringsheilaback campaign??
posted at 09:54:51

@emmyrossum Red or white wine? #AskEmmy ????
@kyungslight prosecco, cabernet, sancerre...
posted at 09:55:07

Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum
Thanks for all of your questions! Now it's time for the #Shameless season finale.
posted at 09:55:08

@emmyrossum #AskEmmy what's your favorite name for a girl?
@reveillerbelle annabelle
posted at 09:55:36

@emmyrossum favorite scary movie? @moanghans #AskEmmy
@dobrevsgrimes @moanghans Monsieur Hire, rosemarie's baby
posted at 09:57:33
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