Emmy Rossum Twitterview
2009 / 11 / 08 ( Sun )

posted at 06:22:27 WonderwallMSN Hey guys! We're 10 min away from our live Twitterview with @emmyrossum! Send us your ?s and make sure you're following her to read along!
posted at 06:26:52 emmyrossum About to do a twitterview w @wonderwallMSN in about 5 mins... what a high-tech press junket.. cool!
posted at 06:27:38 emmyrossum was just informed by @famousreport that it's friday... ie: we are totally allowed to be silly. Good to know!
posted at 06:31:40 WonderwallMSN Hey @emmyrossum! Ready to start? Excited for your first Twitterview? Nervous? Confused?
posted at 06:32:56 emmyrossum @wonderwallMSN yep, I'm all over it! let's do it
posted at 06:33:26 emmyrossum @wonderwallMSN I like this kind of interview, I don't even have to put on lipstick! sweet!
posted at 06:33:53 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum I like your enthusiasm! So how was the "DARE" premiere last night? Any funny moments you can share?
posted at 06:34:44 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum Ha, now you know why we work for a website ;)
posted at 06:36:24 emmyrossum @wonderwallMSN Premiere was fun!awesome 2 see the cast.Premieres R exciting as people get 2 C the film.I really hoped my dress wasn't C thru
posted at 06:38:22 emmyrossum @wonderwallMSN its really fun 2 see it w an audience. A HS girl came up 2 us &said it was the most real depiction of HS she'd seen in movies
posted at 06:40:31 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum Saw pix; u looked gr8 (not c-thru)! Tell us about DARE. Is it a cop drama abt keeping school-age kids from doing drugs? (JKing!)
posted at 06:41:49 emmyrossum @wonderwallMSN Dare follows 3 HS seniors in their last semester of school, its a love triangle, abt trying 2 figure out who U r & who ur NOT
posted at 06:42:32 emmyrossum @wonderwallMSN it's told thru the 3 kids eyes, it's a dark, sexy, funny... pretty realistic "take" on what it's like 2 B young today
posted at 06:43:18 emmyrossum @wonderwallMSN it also shows how people aren't really as easily categorizably as U might initally think.these might SEEM 2 B "the good girl"
posted at 06:44:20 emmyrossum @wonderwallMSN "the bad boy" or "the loner" but people R a lot darker &deeper than U might think.. out of that comes all the "intimacy" ;)
posted at 06:44:59 emmyrossum oh NO, ppl r telling me to wrap up our twitterview, I said, wth? we just STARTED?!
posted at 06:48:00 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum Oh no! Stay with us if u can! The movie's tagline says to "do something you're afraid of." What are your biggest fears?
posted at 06:49:19 emmyrossum @wonderwallMSN gimme 20 mins, I'll do the rest from the car on the way to ACCESS HWOOD.. btw, I'm totally afraid of jumping out the plane
posted at 06:50:20 emmyrossum @wonderwallMSN not afraid of things like spiders just nutsy things like jumping out of planes.but Zach Gilford who plays Johnny has done it!
posted at 06:52:16 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum Wow, that's an adventurous man! Let us know when you're back on! We're a very inquisitive bunch...
posted at 06:55:22 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum BTW, next ? is: There's a lot of comedians in the cast (A Gasteyer, S Bernhard, A Cumming) Did u feel pressure 2 b funny on set?
posted at 07:10:09 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN Its AWEsome wrkng w Alan.He's pretty harsh 2 my character in our scenes.After filming he said "I'm so sorry 2 b so mean 2 u!"
posted at 07:11:11 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN I'm back. Zach Gilford & I are in a car on our way 2 another interview, not as cool tho, cuz its not a Twitterview!
posted at 07:12:29 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN didn't feel "pressure" to be funny, per se. But a lot of comedic awkwardness definitely comes out of the sex scenes!!
posted at 07:13:58 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum Yea! It's like Interview 2.0. U've done a lot of big b-busters. How did u like doing an indie? Have u gained more hipster cred?
posted at 07:14:29 emmyrossum @iamBenLyons dude, good luck! you're never getting them back. :) C U soon.
posted at 07:18:46 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN that's the 1st time "emmy" & "hipster" have ever been in the same sentence!! :)
posted at 07:20:20 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum Ur n H-woods League of Sexy Jews. Ne chance u'd remake Fiddler w James Franco/Yentl w Adam Brody? (We r Jews so we can ask that)
posted at 07:20:39 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN I love doing indie character films.Its all abt story telling.Going 2 sundance w @DAREthemovie was awesome
posted at 07:21:32 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN hadn't been there w a film since my 1st movie Songcatcher when I was 13 in 2000! it feels like Im back 2 my roots,so to speak
posted at 07:23:18 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN only if we include adrien brody, gwyneth paltrow, adam sandler and natalie portman!
posted at 07:24:22 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum LOL they're invited! Ur pretty close w Leighton Meester, right? U guys borrow each other's clothes? Would u ever do Gossip Girl?
posted at 07:26:10 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN nah,we dont swap clothes, we do swap m-up tips tho,she's a cool girl!we wear the same shoe size - I might have to raid that!
posted at 07:27:51 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum Well, we always keep an eye on what you're wearing. Loved the GQ Gentleman's Ball dress! What trends are you into right now?
posted at 07:28:07 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN growin up in nyc was kinda like a real life gossip girl... But I wasn't in the popular crowd, I was more of a theater geek
posted at 07:28:27 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN I was more the Jenny Humphrey type... sans eye-liner. Mom would never let me outta the house like that!
posted at 07:30:28 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN @DAREthemovie thinks ppl in HS are not as easily categorizable as you woulda thought... Different "take" on HS than GG
posted at 07:32:09 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN trends? I love tights, berets, gold nails, red lips, I love it all!!!!
posted at 07:33:19 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum Sounds Euro! We like it. You're a singer. Who are you listening to these days? What's on your iPod?
posted at 07:37:44 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN passion pit, paper route, sigur ros, frank sinatra, ella fitzgerald, alison kraus, norah jones.... Always mixing it up
posted at 07:40:00 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum Passion Pit! That's hipster stuff rite there ;) U sang in Phantom w G Butler. Is he the lothario the tabloids make him out to b?
posted at 07:40:14 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN we gotta run, ZG & I r wandering thru the halls @nbc.lost, trying 2 find billy bush, getting escorted out by security! Lol!
posted at 07:42:03 WonderwallMSN @emmyrossum Oh no! Hope you find your way! Thx for tweeting w/us! Was a lot of fun. Best of luck w @DAREthemovie & congrats on the award!
posted at 07:45:25 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN he's like a big brother 2 me!
posted at 07:46:10 emmyrossum @WonderwallMSN THANK u so much! Most fun interview. Finding our way w @darethemovie cast thru the halls @ nbc!
posted at 08:05:52 emmyrossum Zach Gilford & I got lost in the halls @ NBC trying 2 find Access Hollywood studio.
posted at 08:08:24 emmyrossum Turns out, roaming the halls, randomly yelling out "Billy?.. Billy Bush?" doesn't work. It does, however, satisfy the embarassment quota!

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