Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』マスコミ向け試写の反応
2010 / 07 / 03 ( Sat )

Went to a screening of Showtime's new series The Big C and Shameless. Both shows are must see TV. #shameless #thebigc #showtime
11:31 PM Jul 1st Twitterrificから

Erin Fox SqueeTV
#Showtime screening #TheBigC and #Shameless was so great! Laura Linney (Big C) is fierce and plucky - Emmy Rossum (Shameless) a revelation!
6:33 PM Jul 1st webから

Sandie Sahakians sandiedaemons
Just went to screening of Showtime's The Big C and Shameless. Both great shows, but especially loved #shameless. Must watch!!
5:12 AM Jul 1st Twitterrificから

Natalie Abrams NatalieAbrams
Love @emmyrossum in Showtime's #Shameless. Girl's got awards potential in it. Can't wait to see the second episode.
5:12 AM Jul 1st Echofonから

Daniel Fienberg HitFixDaniel
Showtime's "Shameless" is gonna redefine Emmy Rossum's career. In a good way. And she needs it.
4:12 AM Jul 1st TweetDeckから

Megan Masters MegMasters
Saw a screening of Showtime's fab new series #Shameless last night & I'll say this: @emmyrossum, there's an Emmy calling your name! Amazing.
8:36 PM Jun 30th webから

Michael Knudsen popbytes
i'm very happy to report that both #TheBigC and #Shameless are great new shows - for sure #Showtime has two more hits on their hands
5:15 AM Jun 30th webから

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