Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』3月まとめ
2011 / 04 / 07 ( Thu )


09 0306 But at Last Came a Knock 1.139 (母モニカ登場、デビーがスティーブの秘密に気付く)
10 0313 Nana Gallagher Had an Affair 1.124 (リアムのDNA検査、モニカはこどもを連れてゆくのか)
11 0320 Daddyz Girl 1.101 (デビーの同級生の母親ジャスミン登場。警官トニーがスティーブの仕事に気付く *)
12 0327 Father Frank, Full of Grace 1.157 (リップとイアンは留置所で過ごす、カレンの策略にはまって逃げるフランク、フィオナはスティーブと一緒に行くべきかどうか)


So what did u east coasters think of the finale? Are you ready for season 2? I can't wait to start shooting again! @SHO_Shameless @SHO_Liz
posted at 12:01:00

Frank in my eyes actually redeems himself here. He just stands and takes it. Everything comes full circle. #Shameless
posted at 11:47:00

We are so lucky we get to shoot in Chi-town. It adds a reality & a depth to the Gallagher’s lives & becomes a character in it's own right.
posted at 11:46:00

That same damn squeaky toy. Remember from the first episode? That's a Mark Mylod idea. He's our cast favorite director.
posted at 11:45:00

I love the music choice on this scene too. It's so unexpected.
posted at 11:44:01

This was SUCH A SHOCK AND A STORY DIVERSION FROM THE ORIGINAL. I remember reading this in the table read and everyone cried.
posted at 11:44:01

Get him Lip!!!! Give it to him! #Shameless
posted at 11:41:00

Nothing like the rage of a #Gallagher scorned....
posted at 11:39:00

When we shot this scene Justin and I both had the flu. It added to the desperation and fatigue our characters felt. #Shameless
posted at 11:34:00

This scene btwn Lip & Karen is hard to watch. I've really enjoyed seeing their relationship develop this season. "I really don't love u."
posted at 11:27:00

I love Ian's small smile of relief that he still has his sister's love. #TeamGallagher
posted at 11:19:00

hat moment btwn brother&sister was one I waited for ALL season. Sometimes we are afraid to tell our secrets to those closest to us.
posted at 11:18:00

Kev is always there to alleviate the mood. Thank g-d for neighbors!
posted at 11:16:00

Chicago peeps and their Bears. This scene makes me laugh. #WhatMenWillDoForSports #DaBears
posted at 11:15:00

I remember hearing this in the script at the table read and thinking, "Waaait, she's mid-pee while he's giving her this speech?!" #Shameless
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Umm... Did "Baby Liam" just say "Emmy?" I love little Brennan and Blake. They are so adorable and sweet and we get to watch them grow up!!
posted at 11:09:00

…What's going to happen when she finds out what happened with Karen? No men in her life are ever there for her. #Shameless
posted at 11:08:00

I think Joan is brilliant & heartbreaking. I remember reading this scene thinking, Sheila actually loves Frank…
posted at 11:07:01

To me, the most beautiful part of these kids is their loyalty to e/o. No matter who messes up, they try to love & protect e/o. #ThatsFamily
posted at 11:06:00

I remember shooting this scene at the Police Station downtown. @EmmaRoseKenney was so sweet holding my hand in her little hand.
posted at 11:03:00

Frank always puts me in the #Shameless mood even before the recap!
posted at 11:02:00

I love the intros we did this season on @SHO_Shameless, I really hope they continue this kind of docudramedy intro next season...
posted at 11:01:00

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