Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』シーズン3が順調にスタート+ツイート実況
2013 / 01 / 16 ( Wed )


Thank you to all who watched #Shameless tonight and followed along with our live tweeting. Much love and gratitude. #shameless
posted at 12:03:38

It's really quite clean, just mussy :) RT @BagSnob @emmyrossum I have strong urges to not only comb your hair in #shameless, but to wash it
posted at 12:01:57

SO?! What did you think about the season 3 opener of #shameless?
posted at 12:00:50

Fiona is making some out-of-character decisions. Very Frank-Gallagher-esque. It's fun to play an ever-evolving character. #shameless
posted at 11:56:23

Jeremy Allen White is an amazing actor/guy. We call him JAWs RT @Ezmac_ @emmyrossum Lip comes through, again! Do you enjoy working with him?
posted at 11:55:10

We hide small canon 5ds in there #shameless RT @SharLaz @emmyrossum @Justingchatwin I like how they film you from the fridge's point of view
posted at 11:50:37

RT @SixEleven2012: Every girl needs a BFF like V. @shanolahampton @emmyrossum #shameless
posted at 11:48:43

@Justingchatwin and the boys filmed this on location in the middle of lake Michigan. Intense scenes for Steve/Jimmy #shameless
posted at 11:46:01

Kev & V are at an all new level. @reelstevehowey and @shanolahampton improv'd dialogue on this scene. HYSTERICAL. SO WRONG #shameless
posted at 11:41:52

RT @DawnGarrison: Back to #Shameless with @emmyrossum I'm scared for you girl! Let's see if Steve can get out of this one!
posted at 11:40:03

Chose to keep Fi's winter boots from s1 & wear them w summer looks in s3. More realistic than our girl in new kicks all the time #shameless
posted at 11:38:43

RT @BagSnob: Have switched over to #Shameless from #GoldenGlobes to watch my girl @emmyrossum in action.
posted at 11:36:54

That fall was NOT intentional. This was outside in Chicago. We were just hoping none of the neighbors were watching. @Justingchatwin
posted at 11:35:06

In real life, I'm an only child. I love playing scenes with my #shameless siblings. I always wished I had an older brother.
posted at 11:33:08

Frank trying to cross the border has me laughing out loud. "I'm wearing the wrong shoes. Anybody have a bandaid?" #shameless
posted at 11:30:09

"Fiona. Burrito? I warmed it on the septic truck engine." No, thanks. Really. #shameless
posted at 11:26:43

RT @jessikaaaa_joyy: 10 minites into @SHO_Shameless season 3 and I'm already wanting a 4th! @emmyrossum @Justingchatwin @reelstevehowey @shanolahampton
posted at 11:24:46

Seems like Jimmy/Steve has gotten himself in some serious trouble this time. @Justingchatwin #shameless
posted at 11:23:50

RT @shanolahampton: @emmyrossum sent me a picture from the set the day she was shooting this and I almost died!!! I wouldn't & couldn't have done it! #Shameless
posted at 11:22:15

Wore those waders for hours & the sludge was oozing in the seams. Even though you know it's not the real thing, still icky #shameless
posted at 11:22:12

RT @frankmahoney07: @emmyrossum do you think Fiona should be featured on Dirty Jobs?
posted at 11:20:35

The most disgusting job Fiona Gallagher has ever had. I was not too pleased to wade into this swamp of Betty Crocker brownie mix #shameless
posted at 11:19:47

Little Liam is growing up. I love working with him, or I should say them, there are two babies and they are crazy cute #shameless
posted at 11:16:58

Joan Cusack is a gift to comedy and she's one of my favorite people on this Earth. "Stop making that fakey sleep noise" #shameless
posted at 11:11:19

Follow along with @reelstevehowey. He is live tweeting as I type. #shameless
posted at 11:08:43

I had three pairs of underwear on during this kitchen scene. My mom says you can never be too careful. #CherylRossum #shameless
posted at 11:07:40

RT @SHO_Network: .@emmyrossum is live tweeting #shameless now! LOOK: http://t.co/4BK6pi0g
posted at 11:06:39

Frank in Mexico was originally an ending tag to the final episode of season 2. Instead they decided to use it as a s3 opener #shameless
posted at 11:06:28

Those bites were painted on my legs one by one by our genius make-up dept. Took longer than my face makeup. #shameless
posted at 11:05:04

@shanolahampton is live tweeting too so follow along #shameless
posted at 11:04:20

I never get tired of seeing @Justingchatwin's bottom #shameless
posted at 11:03:22

Here we gooooo... living tweeting starts now peeps. @SHO_Shameless season 3. tweet me questions as we go and I will try to pepper in answers
posted at 11:01:50
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