Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』シーズン3。4話実況
2013 / 02 / 11 ( Mon )

"If I had to apologize for all the stuff my fathers done, I wouldn't have a voice left" Fiona is just the coolest chick ever. #shameless
posted at 11:52:47

This scene reminds me of mrs doubtfire. "She's a he. He's a she. She's a she-she! He's--" #shameless
posted at 11:44:10

Fiona's town hall meeting w her supermarket coworkers. What do u think about this storyline? I was shocked when I got the script #shameless
posted at 11:40:28

#PetPeeve people who say "cukes" for cucumbers. #shameless
posted at 11:29:24

Have you ever had a truly horrible boss? I'm feeling for the gals working at this supermarket. #sexualharassment #shameless
posted at 11:20:17

Loved shooting supermarket stuff. We shot in a market that was actually open for business during filming so it got a little nutty #shameless
posted at 11:12:01
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