Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』シーズン3。7話実況
2013 / 03 / 06 ( Wed )
07 03/03 A Long Way From Home

Hope you enjoyed the episode. Here's a pic of how I watched because my cable tv decided to quit on me #shameless pic.twitter.com/WBHEG3foOF
posted at 11:53:28

When great writers hand you great writing, you give it your all. I am so very grateful for the good words they give me. #shameless
posted at 11:50:30

Macy is great. I wondered while shooting if his choice for Frank to well up is pure manipulation or if there's some real feeling underneath.
posted at 11:47:03

Alcohol is a cruel mistress... - Frank Gallagher #Shameless
posted at 11:45:11

We shot these courtroom scenes on my b-day, Sept 12, the crew had a cake for me and sang me happy birthday... it was awesome. #shameless
posted at 11:42:52

When I actually made the cut in this scene, they put a carrot in place of the toe to get it to make that bone snapping sound.... #shameless
posted at 11:34:49

This old woman was actually completely naked. Not dead, but naked. So hard not to laugh under that handkerchief #shameless
posted at 11:33:30

As if we had to be reminded, nobody effs with Debbie Gallagher #shameless
posted at 11:30:04

Shot these Carl/Liam scenes at an insane apartment in Chicago. The terrace view was the entire city. Must be cool to live there #shameless
posted at 11:27:24

Bill and I loved the blocking for this scene... you know those fights with your family that move through every room in the house? #shameless
posted at 11:24:43

How do you guys feel about Jimmy living this double life? #shameless
posted at 11:21:00

Believe it or not, my cable is out tonight (!!) so I am actually watching the east coast feed of #shameless on iPhone's facetime #truestory
posted at 11:15:55

I think that "Sparky" line was a @Zach_McGowan ad-lib.... Made me laugh out loud... #shameless
posted at 11:13:46

Growing up, do boys actually have ninja throwing stars?? #shameless #OnlyChildQuestions
posted at 11:12:07

Joan Cusack never fails to impress me. She mixes OTT comedy and eccentric poignancy so well as Sheila... Go Joan! #shameless
posted at 11:09:58

Our director wanted to do this scene all in one take so @Justingchatwin and I ran up those law office steps so many times #shameless
posted at 11:07:48

I love all these seedy characters in the Alibi bar #shameless
posted at 11:07:04
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