Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』シーズン3。8話実況
2013 / 03 / 12 ( Tue )
08 03/10 Where There's a Will

Bradley Whitford joins #shameless next sunday in an all new episode... buckle up... #shameless What did you guys think of tonight's episode?
posted at 13:56:08

So nice to see Tony the cop back on the block to the help the Gallaghers... #shameless @TylerJacobMoore
posted at 13:55:44

I've always wondered what kind of people actually use "the clapper" #shameless
posted at 13:54:02

When Bill read this at table read, I really thought this Christopher character was going to drug him, kill him and taxidermy him #shameless
posted at 13:35:51

Was Jimmy/Steve making eyes at a girl at the coffee shop? These things are discovered on set & surprise me when I watch the epi #shameless
posted at 13:32:03

I am so lucky to have someone as wonderful as @Justingchatwin to spend a day fishing around in a sewage tank with #shameless
posted at 13:22:50

These effluent cleaning outfits are so flattering. Especially after you get outta the blood/maggot/roach tanks. #shameless
posted at 13:19:48

"Words only have power if we give them power!" #shameless
posted at 13:17:21

When @EmmaRoseKenney walked on set in that outfit, I nearly died!!! "She's 13! She's not working a bedroom at the Mustang Ranch!" #shameless
posted at 13:15:23

I love that the Gallagher kids called Frank "Frank" and not dad. #shameless
posted at 13:08:02

I was so psyched to have Brent Sexton as cousin Patrick... loved him on season 1 of the killing... he fits in with the Gallaghers #shameless
posted at 13:05:42
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