Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』シーズン3。10話実況
2013 / 03 / 26 ( Tue )
エミー・ロッサム出演ドラマ『シェイムレス』シーズン3。10話「Civil Wrongs」実況

@johnmanningjr yes! I want it to go well for Fiona, it finally seems like she's got a shot at a good job/life & jimmy is breaking her heart
posted at 10:50:43

*******John Manning@johnmanningjr
@emmyrossum is it as heart wrenching during those scenes as it is for us watching them?
posted at 10:47:56

@jew_fro_horton me too!!!!
posted at 10:49:18

*******Tyler Horton@jew_fro_horton
@emmyrossum You are the first celebrity to tweet at me. For this I, thank you. #shameless
posted at 10:53:33

It finally seems like Fiona's got a shot at a real life & job. How are you feeling about that and her fights with Jimmy/Steve? #Shameless
posted at 10:48:02

We played around a lot w this scene. I loved our director Gary Goldman's take on it. We wanted to keep it moving. Like a dance #Shameless
posted at 10:46:17

After 3 years, putting that black swatch watch on in the morning on set helps me slip into Fiona's skin. #Shameless
posted at 10:43:11

I've worn the same plastic black watch for every episode. (Except the pilot w the flashback gold watch that Steve comments on) #Shameless
posted at 10:41:13

Did you know you don't use a glove in Chicago style softball? It was news to me in this scene. I played softball at camp a lot #Shameless
posted at 10:39:56

Now that our Liam's are learning to talk, it's fun to play off them repeating our words and include that in the scenes #Shameless
posted at 10:29:03

The Ian/Mickey scenes are really powerful this season. @CameronMonaghan @noel_fisher u boys are unafraid & I'm proud to be on the show w u
posted at 10:24:58

Strange seeing Beto drinking out of my favorite Rooster Mug. I often choose that one for Fiona's coffee in morning madness scenes #Shameless
posted at 10:16:11

Weird seeing Fi in an office setting, right? I'm so used to playing her grubby that playing her in a suit is a strange experience #Shameless
posted at 10:10:03

I'm loving actor Bradley Whitford as this character in the Frank (Bill Macy) storyline #Shameless
posted at 10:09:01

It was freezing when we shot that scene in late November. Poor @Justingchatwin was freezing his butt off on the Chicago streets #Shameless
posted at 10:05:41

Karen/Mandy came outta nowhere. I knew it was coming because I'd read it in the script but watching the epi it's still shocking #Shameless
posted at 10:02:43
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