Emmy Rossum出演ドラマ『Shameless』シーズン3。12話実況
2013 / 04 / 09 ( Tue )
エミー・ロッサム出演ドラマ『シェイムレス』シーズン3。最終話「Survival of the Fittest」実況

Can't wait to get back so we can keep bringing you the Gallagher story. I echo @shanolahampton & am so in AWE of my #shameless cast/crew!
posted at 11:07:07

The season finale had a lot of cliffhangers.... producers/writers/directors don't tell us actors anything more... so we're in the dark too!
posted at 11:05:25

I know, you guys! I hate the wait between seasons too. We start shooting in September and as far as I know it'll be on in Jan like always :)
posted at 11:03:34

That was the season finale. What did you guys think? Kind of a bittersweet ending, no?? #shameless
posted at 10:57:55

@EthanCutkosky ditto lil man, great scene
posted at 10:53:05
********@EthanCutkosky @emmyrossum luv you sis. Miss you!

Carl&Frank in the hospital. They really cut his hair for real. What a sweet sweet scene. "To let the sun rays in". Good job @EthanCutkosky
posted at 10:48:53

@DrBrimi THANK YOU!! :)
posted at 10:43:21
*********@DrBrimi @emmyrossum character is written well; you're interpretation and ability to communicate who she is--THAT makes Fiona truly compelling.

@LOUDB3AR thank you!!! :)
posted at 10:42:49
*******@LOUDB3AR @emmyrossum ur character gives me #hope sometimes I feel like we walk n the same shoes...I have all my friends watching #Shameless 4rm NY2LA

This hospital scene w Macy was really fun to play. Fiona's resiliency is remarkable. She's an awesome character & I'm grateful. #shameless
posted at 10:38:22

RT ?@pcasi94 Here in Spain, 3:25 am, watching the last episode of #Shameles too @emmyrossum YOU ROCK!!!
posted at 10:30:11

Watching Frank & Lip bond over lobsters is also bizarre. We've never really seen Frank bond with any of the Gallagher kids before #shameless
poted at 10:27:46

This Kev/V/Mom thing is so weird. Kev doing a baby voice in the hospital is laugh out loud funny though. @reelstevehowey @shanolahampton
posted at 10:27:03

RT ?@CheyenneMoses @emmyrossum what are your thoughts on the Ian/Mickey Love affair? THEY ARE LIKE TOXIC ROMEO & JULIET. & THE ACTORS ARE A+
posted at 10:15:53

RT @agoraphobnik @emmyrossum How do you not crack up when shooting a scene with @reelstevehowey #shameless IT'S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE!
posted at 10:13:54

@EmmaRoseKenney ditto :)
posted at 10:10:25
******** @EmmaRoseKenney @emmyrossum :) xo!! Miss you!

Doing things (handling kids, washing dishes, cleaning house) during emotional scenes is difficult but makes it even more fun #shameless
posted at 10:09:11

I love Debbie/Carl rivalry. It's believable. They do a great job esp bc they are both only children, like me! @EmmaRoseKenney @EthanCutkosky
posted at 10:07:29

RT @@ro_haddad @emmyrossum has season four of Shameless been confirmed yet? YES WE START SHOOTING IN SEPTEMBER!! CAN'T WAIT!
posted at 10:03:37

So much love went into this season, here we go with the season finale!!! East Coast it's starting... NOW!
posted at 10:01:09
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