Emmy Rossum,『プロジェクト・ランウェイ』二度目の出演のツイート実況
2013 / 10 / 05 ( Sat )
Season 12, Episode 12 Butterfly Effect
日本では現在シーズン9を放送中 http://www.wowow.co.jp/extra/runway/

Thanks for live tweeting with me, fellow west coast @ProjectRunway fans. Now I have to wait with you until next week! Gaaahh! #ProjectRunway
posted at 14:29:58

I'm emotionally invested in these #designers. #projectrunway #DesignerJustin #DesignerDom #DesignerHelen #DesignerBradon #DesignerAlexandria
posted at 14:28:46

SO FUN to guest judge again this season on #ProjectRunway. I hope to do it again next season with @ninagarcia @heidiklum & @Zac_Posen
posted at 14:28:18

I can empathize with the #designers. I've been THISCLOSE to parts I've wanted. It's a heart wrenching thing to get so close. #ProjectRunway
posted at 14:25:47

Getting to try on the looks FRESH off the runway?? Me = kid in a candy shop @projectrunway #ProjectRunway #spin #twirl
posted at 14:23:04

#DesignerBradon, Blow me away, why doncha. Way to take a risk. Btw, I love a man in a bow tie. So chic. #projectrunway @ProjectRunway
posted at 14:07:30

#DesignerHelen the gown is just SO orange, not an easy color to wear. #orangesoda #DontYouWannaFanta #FOODandFASHION #projectrunway
posted at 14:04:49

#DesignerHelen love the #makeitwork look. Very Roland Mouret, chic, minimalist. Simplicity rules, like @Zac_Posen says @ProjectRunway
posted at 14:03:59

#DesignerJustin the dress for this #makeitwork challenge feels like it could be on the Armani runway #redcarpet #LBD @ProjectRunway
posted at 14:01:26

Feel like I'm making a lot of "serious" faces which really means my contacts are dry so I'm squinting like a mad woman @projectrunway #faces
posted at 13:57:28

#DesignerBradon, when this look came down the runway, there was an audible gasp in the studio. #ProjectRunway @projectrunway
posted at 13:53:49

#DesignerDom that coat/jacket/thing is made with incredible skill and attention to detail. #ProjectRunway @ProjectRunway
posted at 13:53:21

I'm so into @ninagarcia's jacket. I think she said it was Tom Ford. #Love #LUSTorMUST #projectrunway @ProjectRunway @marieclaire
posted at 13:52:02

Hair & make-up can make or break a look but a bad look is just a bad look & no amount of great glam can save it. Fingers x'd. #ProjectRunway
posted at 13:43:13

I admire #DesignerHelen's resolve. She had a meltdown but she's gonna power through and kick butt all the way to the runway. @ProjectRunway
posted at 13:41:24

Oh boy, @TimGunn throws a curve ball. The #designers must create another look. I would be losing my lunch right about now. @projectrunway
posted at 13:35:42

The #designers work so hard, late into the night. Stress, sweat, tears & no sleep go into these looks. #ProjectRunway @ProjectRunway
posted at 13:32:02

#DesignerAlexandria, this dress feels like it could be distressed DIOR to me, dark, gothic, chic... I like it. @projectrunway #ProjectRunway
posted at 13:26:35

@RedCarpetMan @heidiklum @ProjectRunway love to you both! xo
posted at 13:24:37

I feel like my cry face and #DesignerHelen's cry face are kinda similar. #ProjectRunway #cryface @ProjectRunway
posted at 13:20:42

@mrspaulmorgan get it, girl. #ProjectRunway #nailart @ProjectRunway
posted at 13:19:32
  Christina Ward @mrspaulmorgan
  @emmyrossum as a mom i cant do the fun fashion designs but i love mixing it up and using accents

Are you guys still feeling nail art? I love it but only for special occasions. Then again, it's called FASHION not FUNCTION. #ProjectRunway
posted at 13:17:37

Tom Bachik is the MAN-icurist. He's done my nails for photoshoots & I know he does @HeidiKlum's nails often. @RedCarpetMan @projectrunway
posted at 13:16:07

@monica_shum @ProjectRunway perf.
posted at 13:15:28

@mrspaulmorgan agreed. so many different ways they could go with this. just hope they don't fight the clock #ProjectRunway @ProjectRunway
posted at 13:13:17
  Christina Ward @mrspaulmorgan
  @emmyrossum love it! i love butterflies and everything that they represent

@monica_shum I usually love #DesignerDom's prints... You? @ProjectRunway #ProjectRunway
posted at 13:11:12
  Monica Shum @monica_shum
  @emmyrossum which of the designers pieces would you personally wear in public?

West Coast, what do you guys think about #butterflies as an inspiration to the #designers? #ProjectRunway
posted at 13:10:16

Are those noodles gonna work out, #DesignerBradon?? @ProjectRunway #FOODandFashion #DesignerDom
posted at 13:09:47

This episode is gonna be scary good. @heidiklum @ninagarcia @Zac_Posen & me doing Munch's "The Scream" https://pic.twitter.com/1jl029xBsH
posted at 13:08:53

@salfonsi @heidiklum @ProjectRunway @lifetimetv I can throw down with pb&j or german deli meats! #FOODandFASHION
posted at 13:07:06
  Shawn Alfonsi ?@salfonsi
  @emmyrossum @heidiklum @ProjectRunway @lifetimetv quite a change from pb&j to weisswurst - all in 1 day - cool.... <3

#DesignerJustin, I always identify with the outsider and the underdog, too. #ProjectRunway #albino #butterfly @ProjectRunway
posted at 13:06:01

Butterflies never cease to inspire. I hope the #designers go ALL OUT. #projectrunway @ProjectRunway @lifetimetv @TimGunn
posted at 13:04:31

I love German sausages too, @heidiklum! I love weisswurst w/ mustard. De-lish! #projectrunway @ProjectRunway @lifetimetv #FOODandFashion
posted at 13:03:31

#designerdom is so pretty and I love her energy #positivity #ProjectRunway
posted at 13:02:49

Okay, You guys ready? let's discuss. #projectrunway
posted at 13:01:56
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