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2014 / 01 / 06 ( Mon )

It's nearly Q&A time! Comment below with your question and I'll be back in 25 minutes at 9PM EST to hit you with the answers. Can't wait! xo Emmy


Eric Ortwine You were a great choice for Fiona. Loved you in Beautiful Creatures. Anything else we get to see you in soon?
Emmy Rossum I've got a movie with hillary swank called "you're not you" and it's likely coming out early this summer!

Thomas Dente Which famous person encounter has left you most starstruck?
Emmy Rossum Catherine Deneuve. I almost met her on NYE this year. Was sitting right by her but didn't have the nerve to say hello. Love Repulsion.

Alicia Sappingfield Do you think Jimmy/Steve is really dead? I mean they didn't show him die die so I am wondering.
Emmy Rossum Exactly. I'm not sure. You should have seen the version of the script they never shot. It had the drug lord playing polo with Jimmy/Steve's head. That was supposed to be the last shot of season 3. And THAT would have made it clear that Jimmy/Steve was dead. The fact that they never actually shot the scene makes me think that they didn't want to solidify the idea that Jimmy is dead, so it leaves it a little open.

Alma Munguia Harry How tall are you?
Emmy Rossum 5'7"

Lawrence Williams what should we expect with your character on shameless this year.. who are the new cast members.. ? i love the show.. i am watching the marathon right now on showtime.
Emmy Rossum will be guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday. She’ll open the new season of Shamless with a nice nude scene
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