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2014 / 01 / 12 ( Sun )
エミー・ロッサム、ハーパーズ バザーによるツイッター・インタビュー

7:01:13 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Okay! Back to set on #shameless. Thanks for keeping me company on set during my lunch break! Love you, Harpers! #bazaarTA
7:00:16 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@NatalieZfat @harpersbazaarus Here are some looks I wanna wear in 2014 http://twitpic.com/drtsxb http://twitpic.com/drtsy1 http://twitpic.com/drtsyo
6:59:02 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum Happy 2014 and cannot wait to get #Shameless come Sunday! Thank you again for joining us. #bazaarTA
6:58:14 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum @NatalieZfat @harpersbazaarus @seoulcialite Favorite designers, ODLR, @M_Lhuillier, Donna karan, bibhu mohapatra, prabal, Ralph
 Natalie Zfat @NatalieZfat Who are Ms. @emmyrossum's favorite designers? @harpersbazaarus @seoulcialite #bazaarTA
6:58:13 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus That's all the time with have with @emmyrossum. Thank you all for joining our first ever #bazaarTA!
6:55:13 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus @Coop8640 If I could choose a superpower, I'd like to fly. It would help me get over my fear of heights!!! #bazaarTA

6:54:02 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus @Golfkat You're Not You with Hilary Swank will be out this summer!!! #yay The other films are still in editing. #bazaarTA
 Caddie @Golfkat @emmyrossum @harpersbazaarus Any news on your upcoming films? There's three, right?? #bazaarTA

6:53:06 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus @Mary19711 playing Fiona taught me how 2 stick up 4 myself. Like to think I do it in a less agro way, but still! #bazaarTA
 Marielle @Mary19711 @harpersbazaarus @emmyrossum what's something you learned from playing Fiona Gallagher? #bazaarTA #shameless

6:51:07 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus @yosephofnj Love the film HER. Cried. But BF said "Why didn't he just ASK his computer if they were exclusive?!" #bazaarTA
 Joe Buono @yosephofnj @emmyrossum @harpersbazaarus what's the last movie you have seen that's out, that you really liked? #bazaarTA

6:48:28 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum Insanity abounds! We cannot wait. Let’s now open up this #bazaarTA to fans. What do you all want to ask Emmy?
6:47:32 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Shameless is back on Sunday. Crazy season. Still shooting it. Fiona gets arrested, Frank needs a new liver ASAP. #bazaarTA
6:46:14 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Love an old school notepad. I like the little leather ones from @Smythson too, I gave them as holiday gifts. #BazaarTA
6:46:12 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum You're in great shape in #Shameless which premieres again on Sun! Anything you can share with us about the new season?#bazaarTA
6:44:41 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum @Restorsea @WarbyParker Definitely coveting everything that's in there. Especially impressed with the note pad. #bazaarTA
6:44:04 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum @harpersbazaarus I love @Physique57. I do the classes when I'm in NYC/LA & I did the dvd work out in my hotel over xmas in London! #bazaarTA
6:43:07 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus What's in my RL bag! @Restorsea, hermes scarf, @WarbyParker so I can see, schedule & fiji #bazaarTA https://pic.twitter.com/QNB6NSPGf2 

6:46am Physique 57 @Physique57 RT @emmyrossum @harpersbazaarus I love @Physique57 I do the classes when in NYC/LA & did the dvd work out in my hotel over xmas #bazaarTA
8:45 Warby Parker @WarbyParker @emmyrossum You know how much we love those Sloan specs on you, Emmy!

6:40:22 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum So chic! We like to think that holiday calories don't count. Do you have any favorite workouts to get in shape? #bazaarTA
6:39:03 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus I loved the Herrera gown I wore last summer, also @dkny met ball & the resurgence of the denim on denim trend. #bazaarTA
6:34:45 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum You had a few red carpet moments in 2013! What were your faves? #bazaarTA
6:29:55 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Also hair-wise, I'm alternating between Biotin & Viviscal to grow out a self-inflicted bang disaster of 2013. #bazaarTA
6:29:54 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum You'd love New York, then. The weather does a great job for our tresses. And it's free!
6:28:15 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Talking hair, I still love the mod slicked back wet look in front with the dry tousled back. Runway chic. #bazaarTA
6:28:15 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum: More color for 2014, we hear you. Can you snap a photo of what's in your bag and share with us what you always carry?#bazaarTA
6:26:51 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Fashion trend wise, I was overdoing nude & white pumps in 2013. 2014 calls for more inspired eclectic footwear. #bazaarTA
6:26:33 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum Certainly there's a business for that! Can you share with us a few fashion and beauty tips you've learned from 2013? #bazaarTA
6:24:38 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum We could all use a little extra R&R, for sure! What are some fashion trends that you were overdoing in 2013? #bazaarTA
6:24:21 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus In 2013 I vowed to stop chewing my nails... but I didn't follow through. I guess that's what gel manis are for!! #bazaarTA
6:23:40 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus my 2014 NY resolution is to take a VACATION. I didn't at all in 2013 and I'm exhausted from filming non-stop! #bazaarTA
6:22:19 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum Great choice. What are some resolutions for 2014 that you plan on sticking to and which in 2013 were successful? #bazaarTA
6:21:01 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus Weather was rainy, chilly but very christmas-y (unlike LA!) I wore black @OliverTolentino http://instagram.com/p/imTSBUo9QR/ #bazaarTA
6:19:31 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum How was the weather there? Nothing like the Polar Vortex, we'd imagine. What did you wear? #bazaarTA
6:18:20 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum .@harpersbazaarus For NYE, I was in London for a friend's party! I got to meet Catherine Deneuve and Sofia Loren. #heaven #bazaarTA
6:17:04 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus .@emmyrossum: To kick this off, happy 2014! How was your New Year's? What did you do? #bazaarTA
6:16:21 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus And without further ado…A warm welcome to our first ever #bazaarTA guest, @emmyrossum!
6:16:19 Emmy Rossum@emmyrossum Here we go @harpersbazaarus #bazaarTA
6:15:45 Harper's Bazaar@harpersbazaarus We are so excited you all are joining our first ever #bazaarTA with @emmyrossum! Feel free to join in on today’s Tweet and Answer.
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