Emmy Rossum『Shameless』シーズン4第2話ツイート実況
2014 / 01 / 20 ( Mon )
0119 My Oldest Daughter

@HeroShinwoo @King__Lou true that
posted at 11:52:24
----The Highlander, Hero @HeroShinwoo
@King__Lou @emmyrossum it won't be the same without jimmy
----King Lou @King__Lou
@emmyrossum I liked jimmy better.

@iAmErnScott My thoughts exACTly when I read the script.
posted at 11:51:44
---Ern Scott @iAmErnScott
Who the FUCK is Samantha?! #Shameless @emmyrossum

@S1965Jerry @SHO_Shameless #truth
posted at 11:51:22
---Jerry @S1965Jerry
@emmyrossum @SHO_Shameless He can not hang with #Fiona!

@jermlikespie Glad you get it! :)
posted at 11:51:14
---Jeremy Baratheon @jermlikespie
Fiona is so out of her element being in a healthy relationship. This is some good work by @emmyrossum. #Shameless

@msmodel143 #preach
posted at 11:51:05
---Ms Model @msmodel143
@emmyrossum He's too clingy ... Needs some instruction in the bedroom too ! ??

Adriana Kisic@AdrianaKisic
@emmyrossum Carl: now you can donate your liver... Fiona: are you high? Frank: I am, he's not...
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Wait... there's ANOTHER Gallagher we don't know about? #shameless #WhoIsSamantha??? #SamanthaGallagher
posted at 11:49:07

Fiona and Mike's first fight. The first fight as a couple is always the worst feeling, right? Except for the LAST fight. #shameless
posted at 11:48:06

MIKE: Why would you lie? FIONA: I'm a Gallagher. It's what we do. #shameless
posted at 11:46:35

What do you think about Fiona's boss Mike? #shameless
posted at 11:45:26

Theresa Goodaker@tgoodaker
I'll bet chickens don't like chicken. @emmyrossum
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@EmmaRoseKenney remember? such a weirdo that dude texting that phone!!!
posted at 11:39:11
-----Emma Kenney @EmmaRoseKenney
@emmyrossum hahah and we were literally texting during takes! #behindthescenes

@alisonhaislip @SHO_Shameless xoxo
posted at 11:31:32
-----alisonhaislip @alisonhaislip
And yes...it was awesome working w/ @emmyrossum & the kids on @SHO_Shameless. I think my parents are proud that I finally became a doctor.

I was so scared I was going to run over this stunt guy after he rolls off the windshield. #shameless
posted at 11:31:23

"His liver is rotting. He smells like a monkey cage." -Carl #shameless
posted at 11:30:40

Our director Mark Mylod directed me to "sing worse" in this scene. #shameless
posted at 11:29:20

Love this song. Charli XCX - SuperLove Check out the weird video here. #shameless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPWcX-6A9Y…
posted at 11:28:42

That churro line is improv. Love me some arena snacks. #shameless
posted at 11:23:53

That car Fiona was driving was filthy. No joke, we found a used band aid and some sort of brown smear on the fabric seats. #eew #shameless
posted at 11:22:17

You shoulda seen me at the table read tying to explain to Bill Macy was sizzurp is. Macy: What? Me: Purple drank. Macy: What? #shameless
posted at 11:18:03

Carl is the only one who still cares about Frank. It's kinda sweet.... Kinda. #shameless
posted at 11:16:38

Fiona's boss Mike. Stage 5 clinger. #Shameless
posted at 11:11:55

College = scary. Even if you were smart in your HS, suddenly you're surrounded by everyone who was the smartest in their HSs too. #Shameless
posted at 11:08:26

For Debbie's texting scene, props gave @EmmaRoseKenney a random crew member's phone & some guy started texting it during filming! #Shameless
posted at 11:05:00

So the #49ersvsSeahawks game is on & you can’t watch #Shameless?? Bummer. I guarantee we deliver more action & fewer ads. cc @SHO_Shameless
posted at 10:59:06

テーマ:★海外ドラマ★ - ジャンル:テレビ・ラジオ

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