Emmy Rossum『Shameless』シーズン4第7話ツイート実況
2014 / 02 / 24 ( Mon )
エミー・ロッサム『シェイムレス』シーズン4第7話「A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard and Parasitic Twin」ツイート実況

Freeze frame are always the best look. #shameless https://pic.twitter.com/6RWKqgvITg
posted at 11:55:02

Emma Kenney@EmmaRoseKenney
And that's all for now! Thoughts on tonight's episode? #EmmasLiveTweets #Shameless
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retweeted at 11:52:11

Emma Kenney@EmmaRoseKenney
"I'm guilty."-Fiona #Shameless #EmmasLiveTweets
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Kinda reminiscent of Frank washing his mom a couple seasons ago when she was sick.... #shameless @EmilyBergl
posted at 11:49:05

"Did you call for a Uber?" "Yeah, I called for a YOU-ber!" @noel_fisher #shameless
posted at 11:44:19

We shoot exteriors in Chicago, poor @CameronMonaghan in a tank top in the snow. #shameless
posted at 11:43:34

Rough scenes like these are most fun. Does that make me an emotional glutton for punishment? Or just means I'm in the right job? #shameless
posted at 11:40:35

Fiona to Carl about jail, "Don't end up there." #shameless
posted at 11:38:36

@emmyrossumlove @EmmaRoseKenney aaaaaw
posted at 11:35:38

Emmy Rossum Love @emmyrossumlove
Mom just told me to go to bed, I looked at her, then at the TV then back at her and she understood #Shameless @EmmaRoseKenney @emmyrossum

Aaaaww.... month-iversaries!!! Did you do stuff like that when you were a teenager in love? #guilty #shameless
posted at 11:33:41

On the beach this wknd some dude says to me, "Why are you on the beach? You should be in JAIL for giving cocaine to Liam." #shameless
posted at 11:30:40

@CostaHere I laughed at this.
posted at 11:28:09

Costa Tsiokos @CostaHere
why must you ache? RT @emmyrossum: Also, is it MUST-ache? or must-ACHE? I think must-ACHE sound coolER. #shameless

Also, is it MUST-ache? or must-ACHE? I think must-ACHE sound coolER. #shameless
posted at 11:26:34

Is that considered a handlebar mustache? Also, feelings on handlebar mustaches? #shameless
posted at 11:25:57

"Chicken Corden Bleh" @EmmaRoseKenney #shameless
posted at 11:22:40

@EmmaRoseKenney I'm so pale I look practically translucent! oy! #shameless
posted at 11:17:51

Emma Kenney @EmmaRoseKenney
Only @emmyrossum could look good in a ponytail. #Shameless #EmmasLiveTweets

Who here keeps money somewhere other than a bank? A keg? A mattress? Guess it wouldn't be too safe to tweet but I'm curious #shameless
posted at 11:12:20

Momma Rossum visited set the day we did these two scenes. I still get nervous when my fam comes to visit. #shameless
posted at 11:08:40

Love that Carl says "Coq au vin" like "Coco-Van" @EthanCutkosky #shameless
posted at 11:04:38

Morning extreme close-ups flatter no one. Still, who cares. It's all about telling the story, not bein pretty. #shameless
posted at 11:03:32

Follow along right now with @EmmaRoseKenney and her on-screen sorta bf @JAllenMc... #shameless
posted at 11:02:50
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