Emmy Rossum『Shameless』シーズン4第9話ツイート実況
2014 / 03 / 17 ( Mon )
0316 "The Legend of Bonnie and Carl" Mark Mylod Etan Frankel

That preview for next week's episode looks ROUGH. #Shameless
posted at 10:55:00

Nothing worse than public humiliation. #shameless
posted at 10:49:59

I love that Carl can't spell his own last name. #GallagherWithAnH #Shameless
posted at 10:41:38

Gives new meaning to "cold feet" #shameless
posted at 10:23:34

I got frostbite on my feet shooting this shoe-less scene. And I can tell you firsthand, it's not a good look. #shameless
posted at 10:21:50

I don't think any employer wants to hear a job applicant say "It was a small drug thing." #shameless
posted at 10:16:13

"She fell asleep while using Nair. She has third degree burns on her pubis." #Shameless
posted at 10:14:52

This deranged chick is like Carl's dream girl. #Shameless @EthanCutkosky
posted at 10:11:53

Love playing with Regina King @ReginaKing. It's very rat-a-tat. She makes a tough probation officer. #shameless
posted at 10:09:59

Nice one, Mickey, taking the food out of the Gallagher children's mouths. #shameless @noel_fisher
posted at 10:05:44

This was filmed January 2nd at 7am. The camera man was literally IN the shower with me. Happy New Year. #shameless
posted at 10:03:54
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