Emmy Rossum『Shameless』シーズン4第10話ツイート実況
2014 / 03 / 25 ( Tue )
0325 エミー・ロッサム『シェイムレス』シーズン4第10話ツイート実況
0323 "Liver, I Hardly Know Her" Christopher Chulack Davey Holmes

@rejectedjokes ha. Alright.
posted at 10:56:14

Shameless starts now. And I've made a watermelon gin cocktail so get ready for live tweeting. https://pic.twitter.com/miAsRYfHnW
posted at 10:54:55

Only 2 episodes left this season. #thatwentfast #shameless
posted at 10:53:22

In real life, I cry at any and all weddings. #SheilaAndFrank #SheilaGallagher #shameless
posted at 10:49:57

@peacelovekush me too. #shameless
posted at 10:48:54

DesireeMarie @peacelovekush
@emmyrossum i get so sad that Fiona never catches a break .

If my husband shot off a shotgun in my kitchen next to my newborn twins? Big deal breaker. #shameless
posted at 10:48:12

I ate 15 egg sandwiches during this scene. #shameless
posted at 10:45:16

@IvanWaldorf You might be onto something there #shameless
posted at 10:41:37

Ivan @IvanWaldorf
@emmyrossum Do you think that Ian and Fiona are kind of becoming the new Monica and Frank?

And by "me" I mean Fiona.... #shameless
posted at 10:33:33

So cold, no shoes, only sock w/ holes (as scripted), 2am in Wisconsin, so windy, so alone. Will these writers ease up me already? #shameless
posted at 10:31:10

Would you get an organ transplant from an unlicensed taxi driver? #Shameless
posted at 10:29:44

Tina Boyett@t_boyett
@emmyrossum @SHO_Shameless Writers, PLEASE ease up on Fiona! I can hardly stand to watch! #shedoesntdeservethis
Retweeted by Emmy Rossum
retweeted at 10:28:40

@ChorizoMT you will find out next episode... #shameless
posted at 10:27:37

Teresa @ChorizoMT
@emmyrossum what's wrong with Ian? #idontgetit #Shameless

Our director kept telling me to "load up more" on the soup/vomit between takes. I never want to taste chicken rice soup again. #Shameless
posted at 10:26:06

That car scene was shot in 15 degrees somewhere in Wisconsin last month. The vomit was actually Wolfgang puck Chicken Rice soup. #shameless
posted at 10:24:09

I mean, I've really never looked better http://twitter.com/layliffe/statu/447904080900677633/photo/1… #messedup #shameless
posted at 10:21:02

@SHO_Shameless but Sheila is a whole other level of crazy....
posted at 10:18:53

Shameless @SHO_Shameless
.@emmyrossum Sammi has the Gallagher blood in her... #Shameless

Fiona just went full on Frank. #gallagher #Shameless
posted at 10:13:49

Who would win in a fight? Sheila or Sammi? #Shameless
posted at 10:12:37

Shanola Hampton@shanolahampton
Shot that delivery scene 4 days before giving actual birth! Everyone was afraid I would go into labor on set! #Shameless
Retweeted by Emmy Rossum
retweeted at 10:12:01

Sheila in this wedding dress is KILLING ME #Shameless
posted at 10:06:16

Shooting this sequence took 5 red bulls, lots of sweat & purposely turning in a circle many times to achieve optimum dizziness. #Shameless
posted at 10:05:15

If @Justingchatwin's butt is in the opening credits every week, why isn't Jimmy/Steve still around? #bringbackJimmySteve #Shameless
posted at 10:03:29

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